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Poverty-environment mainstreaming is a stepwise process of integrating poverty-environment linkages
into development planning for poverty reduction and pro-poor growth at national sector
and local levels. It involves establishing the links between environment and poverty and identifying policies and programmes to bring about
better pro-poor environmental management Poverty-environment mainstreaming can be approached from various angles including regional or topical and sectoral. like in the case of mainstreaming
of Sound Management of Chemicals.

The Federal Ministry of Environment in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is pleased to announce the execution of a 24-month project titled: "Mainstreaming Sound Management of Chemicals into MDG Based Development Plans and Policies". Sound management of chemicals in Nigeria is essential to achieving sustainable development. including the eradication of poverty and disease, the improvement of human health and the environment and the elevation and maintenance of the standard of living in countries at all levels of development.

The project's objective is aimed at impacting the average Nigerian consumer, the worker the chemicals marketer, the industry. the academia and research institutions and government ministries involved in various aspects of the chemicals life-cycle; while bringing coherence and synergies into the Nigerian chemicals management infrastructure with the integration of chemicals safety into national development projects and programmes targeted at poverty reduction and sustainable development. The key outputs of the project include a National Policy on Chemicals Management; and An established governance structure through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) among the key stakeholders in the sector.

Vacancies therefore exist for the position of an International Consultant and a National Consultant as specified below to the programme.

Ref No: SCM National Consultant

Application Method
Interested applicants should kindly quote the reference number of the position on their cover letters and resumes and send to:
Director, Department of Pollution Control & Environmental Health,
Federal Ministry of Environment,
14 Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama

National Consultant
Scope of work

•             Develop the scope of work and other procurement documentation required to facilitate recruitment of experts and consultants.

•             In consultation with the Project Team and UNDP, help identify and facilitate the hiring I contracting oflhe national institutions required to assist with project implementation.

•             Organize, as required, workshops and training session.

•             Liaise with relevant ministries, NGOs, national institutions and stakeholders to support project activities as well as to gather and disseminate information relevant to the project.

•             Prepare the required periodic reports on project implementation.

•             Coordinate and facilitate cooperation and synergy with other relevant programs, projects and activities.

•             Development of a plan of action document that would most significantly describe opportunities to facilitate the country's ability to capitalize on the sustainable development benefits of the chemicals industry.

•             Collaborate with relevant stakeholders and partners to ensure their involvement and engagement in activities/practices related to the sound management of chemicals

•             Establish a monitoring system for implemented actions to determine their relative success and cost-effectiveness.

•             Provide quality assurance for development of sound chemical management strategy. business plans, policy revisions, feasibility studies and drafting of TORs for project activities.

Required Qualifications

•             An advanced degree in the chemistry, environmental management, or a closely related field in the sciences (pure and applied). 10 years of work experience, in developing countries preferably, including support to governments through policy and strategic interventions.

•             Demonstrated in-depth knowledge of chemical management and environmental engineering.

•             Technical knowledge of the implications of chemical wastes on the environment

Required Qualifications
•             Advanced degree in environment, economics, development, or a closely related field.
•             At least 10 years of work experience, preferably including support to governments through policy and strategic interventions.
•             Demonstrated in-depth knowledge of climate change adaptation and development.
•             Technical knowledge of the implications of climate change on development, finance, environment and other relevant fields is critical.

Location: Abuja
Experience: 10 year(s)
Course of Study: Not Specified
Required Grade:  Not Specified