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  • National Technology Officer
    Job Announcement Date: Aug 22, 2012
    Location: Lagos, NG

    Job Category: Sales
    Location: Lagos, NG
    Job ID: 799962-84423
    Division: Sales

    The National Technology Officer (NTO) role is responsible for external outreach and engagement with technology policy elites, leading academics and government decision makers with the objective of enabling the creation, or maintenance, of a technology policy environment which supports the subsidiary's growth objectives.

    The NTO will develop, in conjunction with the subsidiary leadership team, an engagement strategy which addresses existing and emergent technology policy issues which impact Microsoft’s business model and capacity to grow. These engagement strategies will have a significant and material impact on the subsidiary's mid to long term growth prospects and recognize that a failure to address emerging technology policy issues can lead to government policy making and intervention which severely restricts Microsoft’s freedom of action in its local markets and around the world.

    The following characteristics should be seen as critical for a successful National Technology Officer:
    1) A deep understanding of the impact of information technology in national social and economic systems as well as within the business of government.
    2) A profound understanding of the breadth of Microsoft’s business, strategies and applicable business models
    3) A broad technical understanding (Level 100/200) across many of the current and future technology policy domains:
    a. Open Standards, Interoperability, Security, Privacy, Open Source, Wireless and Spectrum, Systems Architecture, Development Technologies, etc.
    4) A demonstrated depth of technical expertise (Level 300) in at least one of the above mentioned domains
    5) Demonstrated expertise in building and leveraging sustained relationships with:
    a. Ministerial levels of government and their technology policy advisors
    b. Leading academics and think tanks on issues of social and economic policy
    c. C-Level executives and their advisors in the business of government
    6) The highest levels of competence in public speaking and presentation skills
    7) Significant experience and expertise in representing complex company or product strategies to members of the press and analyst communities.
    8) Demonstrated competence in working within a virtual team environment and accomplishment of goals and objectives through influence of others not under direct management control

    The NTO reports to the Country Manager. The NTO is a particularly demanding role which requires both internal strategic focus as well as a significant, 60% commitment to external engagements and relationship building.

    By definition the role has no direct reports. However, local management teams may make the decision to house other resources within a " National Technology Office" lead by the NTO e.g. Chief Security Advisor, Standards Specialists etc.

    The role has a primary commitment of 60% external face time with a 75% time allocation on Public Sector engagements and 25% available to other segments as determined by the local leadership team.

    The NTO is expected to be an active participant in the WW Technology Officer Community and as such will be expected to contribute to the development of the community by active participation in community forums and through best practices sharing with other NTOs around the world. The NTO is required to attend 3 WWTO meetings per year outside the local geography.

    Experience: 10+ years
    Education: PhD / Bachelor's Degree
    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Must be experienced and proficient in the role of education in social and economic development and with the public sector (government, education, or public health) environment in general. Actual K-12 or higher education experience is highly recommended and preferred. Must be viewed within the Public Sector or within the industry as a credible, technical expert.

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    Location: Abuja
    Experience: 5 year(s)
    Course of Study: Business Administration
    Required Grade:  Not Specified
  • PTA - Nigeria

    Job Announcement Date: Aug 24, 2012
    Location: Lagos, NG

    Job Category: Sales
    Location: Lagos, NG
    Job ID: 803463-86860
    Division: Sales

    Are you looking for a career that utilizes your passion for technology? Do you enjoy explaining the business value of complex Microsoft solutions? Are you interesting in joining a team of senior technology professionals who, as trusted advisors, help Microsoft Partners in developing new or improving existing solution practices?

    The Small and Mid-Market Solutions & Partners (SMS&P) group has an indirect sales model predicated on effective recruitment, development, management, and support of a highly productive Partner channel. The Partner Technology Advisor (PTA) is a senior technology role intended to develop and guide Microsoft’s managed Partners’ solution practices.

    Your specific PTA role responsibilities will include:

        Partner technical sales capacity development:
        Support the Partner Account Manager (PAM) in Partner business planning, Partner portfolio development, sales pipeline reviews, periodic business reviews, as well as other areas where the PTA’s knowledge of the Partner could be of assistance in impacting the Partner business and relationship.
        Assess Microsoft Partner technology sales capacity by using a consistent process, applying an established set of criteria to provide a foundation for the Microsoft Partner’s development plan, and establish “gives and gets” with the Partner.
        Present solutions and product technical knowledge in one-to-one, one-to-few, and one-to-many engagements.
        Co-selling with Microsoft Partners:
        As a part of Partner development, engage with Microsoft Partners on first sales opportunities with new solution practices or with new versions of Microsoft technologies.
        Coach Microsoft Partners on effective product demonstration techniques and tools, as well as demonstrate the products when necessary to instruct Microsoft Partners on effective demonstration techniques.
        Support Microsoft Partners in the competitive sales engagement process.
        Provide guidance on optimal technical solutions to both customers and Partners.
        Evangelize Microsoft solutions: Present in 1:Few and 1:Many engagements and events.
        Support new product launches or strategic initiatives with Partners in the SMS&P space.

    Successful candidate will exhibit the following qualities:

        Familiarity with Microsoft's vision and how to solve business problems with Microsoft solutions.
        Understanding of the sales process and solution selling techniques.
        Solid technical sales background.
        Experience in working with “Partners”.

    Microsoft’s Small and Mid-market Solutions & Partners (SMS&P) group has an indirect sales model based on effective recruitment, development, management, and support of an indirect sales channel through our Partners. The Partner Technology Advisor (PTA) is a senior technology sales role dedicated to the development of Partner practices. The job’s primary purpose is dedicated to developing Partners’ technology sales capabilities and co-selling on qualified opportunities. Some of the activities a PTA will engage in include: selecting and enabling high-potential “growth” Partners for in-depth capacity/skills development, working in active sales engagements with Partners on well-qualified opportunities as a part of their development, and delivering solution presentations at one-to-many breadth-Partner events. The PTA is the only role with a technology emphasis within the SMS&P field sales organization, and is focused on Partner solution practice development around Microsoft technologies. The development of Partner capacity through technology sales skills is a long-term investment; the PTA is the primary role to accomplish this. This work will demand a candidate with the ability to effectively collaborate with Partner Account Managers (PAMs) and other roles to prioritize long-term investment with Partners as there may be pressure to focus on short-term revenue.

    Experience: 3 - 8 years related experience
    Education: Bachelor’s Degree (B.S./B.A.)
    Field of Study: Ideal would be Business with technology focus, Computer Science with business focus, Management Information Systems or similar combination of business and technological studies. Other fields of study are acceptable when combined with strong background or work experience.
    Training / Certification: None required, though the following would be an advantage:
    Technology certifications: Technology certifications: Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP), Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE), Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist (MCTS), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
    Sales: Solution Selling

    Knowledge / Skills:

        Experience in selling to Business Decision Makers highly desired.
        Ability to manage complex technology sales and enablement efforts.
        Keen understanding of consultative solution selling skills.
        Strong business intelligence.
        Understanding of the services model.
        Successful and proven performance in leveraged sales or business development.
        Teamwork and communication skills are critical.
        Technical knowledge of Microsoft’s products & channel model.

    Job Segments: Business Development, Business Intelligence, Computer Science, Engineering, Field Sales, Information Systems, Sales, Systems Engineer, Technology

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    Location: Not Specified
    Experience: 0 year(s)
    Course of Study: Not Specified
    Required Grade:  Not Specified