Jobs at Geometric Power

 Geometric Power is an indigenous power developer in Nigeria that is currently seeking the services of highly organised professionals to fill
the following vacant positions at the
Corporate Head Office and the Aba Integrated Power Plant Project. Please visit our website, for detailed job descriptions for each position,

Qualified candidates are requested to submit ONLY an electronic application by submitting a Resume along with a Cover letter and fill the electronic form on /  to apply online. Non-electronic applications will not be considered by our HR Consultant.

The deadline for the receipt of your electronic application is11pm on December 31st, 2012. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by our HR Consultant


        Must be well versed with the CMMS Maint. / Finance Module.
        Must work in close co-ordination with Plant, S&P, Material Manager and other section heads.
        Be able to prepare overall Plant Annual Budget (Fixed, Revenue and Capital) using the inputs of all sections in this respect.
        Financial Analysis of all Procurement cases to monitor that best available is procured in most economical rates.
        Continuous management of financial systems and budgets;
        Undertaking financial audits (an independent check of an organization’s financial position);
        Providing financial advice.
        Reviewing the company’s systems and analyzing risk.
        Performing tests to check financial information and systems;
    10. Advising the company on tax planning and tax issues associated with activities.
    11. Maintaining accounting records and preparing accounts and management information for management
    12. Advising management on business transaction
    13. Advising management on areas of business improvement
    14. Detecting and preventing fraud (forensic accounting);
    15. Managing junior colleagues.
    16. Liaising with internal and external auditors and dealing with any financial irregularities as they arise;
    17. Producing reports and recommendations following internal audits or external audits;
    18. Preparing financial statements, including monthly and annual accounts;
    19. Preparing financial management reports, including financial planning and forecasting;
    20. Negotiating terms with contractors / suppliers.
    Job Qualification:
        MBA or Masters Degree in Accounting.
        Minimum 7 years’ experience managing accounts and finance related matters.
        Experience with a Multinational Company is added advantage.

    Location: Abia
    Experience: 7 year(s)
    Course of Study: Accounting
    Required Grade:  Not Specified

    Admin Assistant:
    Ref Code: GPAL/AA/015 (Aba)

    Qualifications Required:
        Degree in Secretarial Studies or its equivalent
        Minimum 3 years’ experience in similar role.
        Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

    Location: Abia
    Experience: 3 year(s)
    Course of Study: Secretarial Studies
    Required Grade:  Not Specified

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    CMMS and Material Manager:
    Ref Code: GPAL/CMMS/002 (Aba)

        Reportable to the Plant Manager.
        Having Good knowledge and experience in the Supply Chain Management.
        Be well versed with the Raw Material Management and Services / Infrastructure requirement of the Plant.
        Negotiating contracts to reduce costs and achieve maximum cost benefit.
        Obtaining quotes and making cost comparisons. Providing accurate information to ensure that delivery times are coordinated with timely usage of material.
        Have good marketing information and arranging raw material required at the most economical rates.
        Ensure supply of quality raw material and services to support smooth running of the Plant.
        Communicating needs & objectives to managers & key personnel in procurement, logistics & user sections.
        Having good knowledge of fuel supply management and GSA and FSA (IF ANY).
        Be able to manage all forms of fuel equipments logistics, where the Company needs to do it at its own.
        Prepare annual plans and budgeting of the raw material.
        Support S&P Management, where required in the equipments and logistics area.
        Having Excellent Communication skills, both written and vocal.
        Well versed in Inventory Management Skills and advise S&P Manager in this respect, where required.
        Help Plant Management in closely liaison with all the regulatory authorities and Govt. Functionaries as and where required.
        Ensuring the personal safety and safe working environment of staff.
        Well versed in basic IT and CMMS skills and be able to support CMMS / IT officer if and where required.
        Be able to take over the CMMS / IT department whenever CMMS / IT officer is on leave or is absent.
        Well versed with standard LOTO and other EHS procedures and practices.
        Well versed with all EHS and Safety related policies and procedures.
        Well versed with co-ordinated work practices amongst all Sections of the Plant.
        Well versed with Emergency responses in the event of a Fire or other such incidents / accident.
        Well versed in preparing RCAs, if any pertaining to his area of work.
        Well versed with the requirement of Order, Norms and Discipline at the Plant
        Well versed with preparing reports, both routine and special, whenever required.
    Job Qualification:
        MBA WITH Degree in Computer Science / Engineering.
        Minimum 3 years’ experience in Supply Chain Management in production / In Power oriented industry preferably.
        Excellent written and vocal communication skills.

    Location: Abia
    Experience: 4 year(s)
    Course of Study: Computer Science
    Required Grade:  Not Specified

    CMMS& IT Officer:
    Ref Code: GPAL/CMMSIT/007 (Aba)

        Develop CMMS usage Policy and procedures in soft and hard to give initial awareness to the users.
        Should be able to implement and Monitor CMMS and customize it according to the specifics of the Plant.
        As CMMS administrator be able to effectively support PM, Opn. Maint., Finance and S&P in this respect.
        Bring in innovations in system usage and give regular presentations to employees both as a matter of training and refresher.
        Be able to generate reports with respect to the status of various WRs, WOs, POs and KPIs on a routine and also special whenever required.
        Support and educate all employees in effectively using CMMS and remove all hang-ups, if and when they occur.
        Be in touch with the CMMS system provider and trouble shoot and rectify system faults and hang-ups if and when they occur.
        Brief Plant Manager with all the lags and lacunae in system and on part of users and suggest rectification on a economical basis.
        Reasonably aware with the Software and the Hardwrae of the main and sub-servers. Troubleshoot and rectify if and where required.
        Be in touch with the IT Equipment / Service provider and keep the system running with minimum trouble / problem.
        To prepare and implement of IT management procedure and polices.
        Excellent IT and Networking skills.
        Project planning & Cost analysis of new Emailing & Web Server deployment.
        Management and monitoring of Help desk operations for all project sites as well as office operations.
        LAN/WAN data network management.
        IT Equipment (Hardware, Software and telecommunication) costing & Procurement planning.
        Preparation of IT inventory of all project sites as well as office.
        To make and update the inventory of all IT equipments.
        Solving End user’s problems
        Management system for projects documentation
        Implementation and administration of Email & Web Communication Server.
        Defining and implementing the system security polices procedures and other administration activities related to the system implementation and administration of Data, network & system securities Plans for sites.
        Managing and troubleshooting of nodes network using Dell, Compaq, Sony Note books and some non-branded and branded systems.
        Day to day handling of network/system problems.
        Support I&C department in DCS, SCADA networking where required and possible
        To do any other task assigned by the top management
    Job Qualification:
    a-    Masters/Graduation degree in computer science / engineering.
    b-    Certified person on any of SAP, MAXIMO, MP CMMS Systems.
    c-     Having at least 3 years experience of working in CMMS / IT departments.
    d-    Relevant academic background with sufficient knowledge in IT department.

    Location: Abia
    Experience: 5 year(s)
    Course of Study: computer science
    Required Grade:  Not Specified

    Control Room Engineer:
    Ref Code: GPAL/CRE/001 (Aba)

    Qualification Required:
        Degree in Engineering.
        Minimum 5 year experience in Gas Turbine based power plant operation in
        similar role. Or
        6 to 8 years’ experience in power plant and at least 3 years working experience in similar position.
        LM-6000 experience shall be added advantage and preferred

    Location: Abia
    Experience: 6 year(s)
    Course of Study: Not Specified
    Required Grade:  Not Specified

    Control Technician:
    Ref Code: GPAL/CRT/020 (Aba)

    Qualifications Required
        Diploma or its equivalent in Engineering
        Minimum 4 years’ experience working as ICT technician in power plantorsimilar industry
        Experience of calibration, installation and troubleshooting of field instrumentation unsupervised
        Must be familiar with Standard Maintenance Practice

    Location: Abia
    Experience: 4 year(s)
    Course of Study: Not Specified
    Required Grade:  Not Specified

    Data Encoder:
    Ref Code: GPAL/DE/014 (Aba)

        Reports to CMMS / IT Officer.
        Enters all sorts of Operational, Administrative and Finance Data and creates back up data to avoid any possible loss of information.
        Organize and e-file data in a manner as advised by the Management.
        Maintains all sorts of equipments which are used of data entry, organization and keeping record.
        Assists all sections in respect of maintaining filing of documents at various levels, which finally has to come to data encoder.
        Keeps track of received data and source documents.
        Prepares and sorts source documents, and identifies and interprets data to be entered.
        Contacts preparers of source documents to resolve questions, inconsistencies, or missing data numeric, or symbolic data from source documents into computer following format displayed on screen, and enters necessary codes.
        Confirms accuracy of data.
        Compares data entered with source documents, or reenters data in verification format on screen to detect errors.
        Reviews and makes necessary corrections to information entered.
        Processes various forms.
        Assists in establishing and maintaining an effective and efficient records management system.
        Generates reports and responds to inquiries regarding entered data as requested.
        Contributes to a team effort and accomplishes related results as required.
        Maintains confidential information.
        Performs general clerical duties such as typing, answering phones, etc.
        Perform other job related duties as assigned.
        Performs any job other than the above as per advice of the Management.
        Responsible to follow are rules related to discipline and conduct.
        Get used to and follow all rules related to EHS and Security (physical and documents security).
    Job Qualification:
        Degree in Computer Science /Studies.
        Minimum 4 years’ experience in similar role in Technical oriented organization.

    Location: Abia
    Experience: 4 year(s)
    Course of Study: Computer Science
    Required Grade:  Not Specified

    Director, Project Finance: Ref Code:
    GP/DPF/001 –

    Activities include:
        Help develop the criteria for screening project ideas
        Source for Investors for projects
        Business modelling & forecasting
        Developing complex financial models
        Participating in strategy and project planning
        Negotiating term sheets with lenders and equity investors
        Extensive Interface with Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission and providing comments to proposed regulations
    The key responsibilities which may change from time to time include the following:
         Provide strategic support to management on adopting creative approaches to select and execute projects.
          Providing detailed project plan, status checks/reviews, completion of all project deliverables for each project on time, within budget and at acceptable level of quality
         Assist in providing supervision to the management of Geometric Power’s distribution subsidiaries or special purpose vehicles
          Play a major role in securing finance for each project
        Assist in providing oversight and management support of the execution of GPL’s construction projects, including the generation plant, the sub transmission lines, the substations etc.
        Support the development of GP’s expansion of power distribution projects and in the overall energy sector of Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa.
        The ability to manage multiple projects and the drive to succeed in a fast paced and high growth environment.

    Location: Abuja
    Experience: 0 year(s)
    Course of Study: Not Specified
    Required Grade:  Not Specified

    Electrical Maintenance Engineer:
    Ref Code: GPAL/EI/004 (Aba)

        The safe utilization of company resources.
        Must provide a previously established method of housekeeping which encompasses the importance of housekeeping.
        Key characteristics and critical role that which augments the overall safety
        Take into consideration and produce the reliability of the power plant.
        Moreover, increases the availability and averts unforeseen technical and unintended consequences.
        Provide a realistic and result oriented proven quality control plan, from active, proactive.
        Indicating approach emphasizing defect prevention at every opportunity during daily housekeeping.
        Must display a keen whit, always establishing a measurable goal to housekeeping, focusing on the future and crisis prevention.
        Responsible for all plant Electrical MAINTENANCEE.
        Manage Electrical MAINTENANCE Department people engaged in the Electrical MAINTENANCE of the Power Plant.
        Assist the Maintenance Manager in the preparation of departmental and facility budgets with team members.
        Responsible to assure the technical and procedural correctness of Electrical MAINTENANCE plans and programs.
        Establish Electrical MAINTENANCE Training Program.
        Establish goals for the team in regards to the Employee Development/Goals Program/Health Safety Environmental and Emergency Response.
        Work alongside the Operations Team Leader during outage planning and execution.
        Interact with various equipment and service vendors/stake holders.
        Responsible for compliance with all Federal, Local, Corporate Safety and Environmental Policies; in coordination with the HSEE and team.
        Responsible for the planning, scheduling, recording, monitoring, analyzing, and reporting of all Electrical MAINTENANCE activities alongside stores and warehouse through CMMS.
        Maintains positive community relations and develop the team’s SRC project.
        Collateral assignments as required.
        Review the team and develop each of the team people in business leaders.
        Well versed with the maintenance needs of all Electrical Equipments like Generator, Transformers, SwGr, Breakers, Relays, Batteries etc.
        Well versed in basic IT and CMMS skills.
        Well versed with standard LOTO procedures.
        Well versed with CM, PM, PDM and CBM Practices in his area of responsibility.
        Well versed with best Maintenance Practices at work in his field of work.
        Well versed with all EHS and Safety related requirement when at work.
        Well versed with Emergency responses in the event of a Fire or other such incidents / accident.
        Well versed in preparing RCAs.
        Well versed with co-ordinated work practices amongst all Maintenance Sections.
        Well versed with the requirement of Order and Discipline at the Plant having good control over his sub-ordinates.
        Well versed with preparing technical reports, both routine and special, whenever required.
    Job Qualification:
    a-    Degree or Equivalent Diploma in relevant discipline of Engineering.
    b-    Min. 6-8 years experience of working in Power Plant of similar type and minimum 3 years in similar position.

    Location: Abia
    Experience: 6 year(s)
    Course of Study: Not Specified
    Required Grade:  Not Specified

    Other Vacancies
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    2. Fork-lift Operator
    3. HSE Performance Engineer
    4. I&C Maintenance Engineer
    5. I&C Technician
    6. Mechanical Maintenance Engineer
    7. Mechanical Technician
    8. Mechanist
    9. Plant Operator
    10. S&P Officer
    11. Senior Financial Analyst/Financial Analyst
    12. Senior Manager, Legal Services
    13. Shift Engineer
    14.Welder Cum Fabricator

    Location: Abia
    Experience: 0 year(s)
    Course of Study: Not Specified
    Required Grade:  Not Specified