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Management Sciences for Health (MSH) saves lives and improves health, especially among the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people, by closing the gap between knowledge and action in public
health. We live our mission to save lives and improve the health of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people by closing the gap between knowledge and action in public health.

    Facility Coordinator & Inventory Assistant
    Application Due Date:    2012-12-24
    Overall Responsibilities
    The objective of the Facility Coordinator and Inventory Assistant position will be to work as Facility Manager’s Supervisor, serve as Maintenance Personnel and Inventory Assistant for the Country Office Management Unit (COMU).
    Specific Responsibilities
    1. Verify their complain and present it to the management
    2. Work out the specification/collect it
    3. Prepare Purchase Request and follow up          
    4. Prepare internal request form and make sure the items are given to the Facility Managers
    5. Walk round the premises and check on the daily routine of the Facility Manager
    6. Supervise any job done to ascertain it after working hours & weekends
    1. Take all staff complain on the issue of repairs
    2. Take charge of water & light bills
    3. Follow up with bill payment on electricity and water supply
    4. Take responsibility of following up with Water Board or PHCN whenever there is any disconnection on the supply
    5. Follow up with the Land Lord on any damage on the building and facilities issues
    6. Report any problem on the air conditioners to the management
    7  Take the AC to the LG Company for repairs
    8  Ensure the servicing of the office generator set and other repairs

    1. Verify all documents and post for Service Completion
    2. Verify all documents for Delivery Acknowledgement
    3. Post all internal requisition/Delivery Note
    4. Take monthly stock count in the store.
    1. Write all correspondences on the above issues
    2. Any other duties as may be assigned by supervisor
    1. University degree preferred.
    2. Significant Inventory & office management experience.
    3. Experience managing USAID-funded activities and thorough knowledge of applicable regulations and requirements, preferred.
    4. Excellent cross-cultural communication and interpersonal skills demonstrated by ability to interact professionally with culturally and linguistically diverse staff, clients and consultants.
    5. Analytical and organizational skills; demonstrated ability to work within a team, assess priorities, and manage a variety of activities with attention to detail.
    6. Skills in Excel Spreadsheets, QuickBooks or similar accounting software, as well as Word; comfortable in a Windows PC environment.

    Location: Not Specified
    Experience: 0 year(s)
    Course of Study: Not Specified
    Required Grade:  Not Specified

    Data Systems Specialist
    Application Due Date:    2012-12-21
    Overall Responsibilities
    The Data Systems Specialist will work closely with managers, financial analyst, inventory officer and other teams to assure management data is being captured effectively and efficiently.   S/he will create new databases in Access, improve and update current databases for daily monitoring, and improve upon our current project workplanning / budgeting database. Additionally, s/he will work closely with human resource team to assure HRIS is able to report data according to MSH needs, and also collaborate with IT team in organizing data and reports on Sharepoint.
    Specific Responsibilities
    Review current database reporting systems, and interview users to in the areas where improvements and efficiencies can be implemented.
    Work with teams to find solutions and develop new tools as required.
    Collaborate with IT team to contribute to ongoing development MSH Nigeria DHIS platform.
    Generate Business Intelligence Dashboards on Sharepoint.
    The MSH Nigeria Workplan/Budget Database has been developed, but needs to be refined and taken to the next level.  Work with program teams and financial analyst o train staff to use the tool to monitor their workplans and develop further he tool so that all data are in the same file and combined project reports are reduced according to needs of users.
    Collaborate with Inventory Officer to improve and manage current tools.
    Continuous improvement of tools and systems for data management.
    Work with home office team s needed to share MSH Nigeria tools.
    Engage in continuous earning to stay current with new technologies and tools to help our teams work more efficiently and effectively.

    Location: Not Specified
    Experience: 0 year(s)
    Course of Study: Not Specified
    Required Grade:  Not Specified

    Financial Analyst/Budgeter

    Application Due Date:    2012-12-21
    Overall Responsibilities
    The core job of the financial analyst is to conduct a general financial analysis of the reports obtained from accounting and various departments such as operations, transport, human resources, field offices, or other sources and present and communicate findings.  The financial analyst will be responsible for monitoring the monthly spending of the projects against the
    budgets, and the obligations and preparing all financial reports as required by USAID.   Additionally, the financial analyst will prepare ad hoc reports as necessary.  S/he will also collaborate with Data Systems Specialist to assist program teams to prepare annual work plans and budgets using work plan database budgeting tools and help teams to monitor their plans and will also develop annual project budgets.
    Specific Responsibilities
    Compile and analyze monthly management reports.  Some reports will be generated from various units, while you will be expected to prepare financial reports such as accruals reports,expenditure reports or quarterly finance page for project quarterly reports, for example.
    Monitor monthly expenditures against work plan, budget and obligation for all projects.
    Analyze reports: vehicle fuel reports, field office reports, phone bills, generator fuel reports, advance reports, ad hoc HR reports, making use of spreadsheets and different statistical software in order to analyze the facts of the reports.  Most information is tracked in Access Database.
    Develop new and effective techniques and templates for financial monitoring.
    Keep up with the latest trends and techniques in the field of financial and management analysis
    Coordinating with the management to help them to understand the reports and interpretations and to use data in decision-making
        Undergraduate degree in business administration, finance and accounting, or statistics required.
        At least 3 years experience working on a USAID funded project in finance office.
        Superior analytical abilities, result oriented nature and team working capabilities
        Demonstrated high level of proficiency in Access, Excel and QuickBooks.
        Demonstrate good judgment and sound financial "common sense".
        Ability to create and monitor budgets. Understanding of the basic tenets of Cash Control, Asset Management and Bank Reconciliation.
        Understands the principals of adequate documentation and of audit, and performance necessary to ensure audit compliance.
        Advanced written and verbal proficiency in English including business terminology.
        Attention to detail and ability to finish projects on time required
        Self motivation, passion, desire to learn and contribute required.

    Location: Not Specified
    Experience: 3 year(s)
    Course of Study: Accounting
    Required Grade:  Not Specified