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  • Trainee Geoscientist
    AutoReqId          14505BR
    Job or Campus Folder    2013 Global Geoscience Campus*
    Job Description                Degree/Discipline Needed
    MS or PhD Geology, quantitative background advantageous
    MS or PhD Geophysics, geologic background advantageous

    What are we looking for?
    A diverse group of talented geoscientists with the ability to integrate knowledge, ideas and skills to solve geologic problems across exploration, and production functions; Judgement and speed in application of geoscience tools and techniques; and, a desire to maintain their competitive advantage through advanced training and superior technological understanding.

    Exploration and production geologists and geophysicists
    ExxonMobil is interested in finding outstanding scientists who have a strong fundamental background in the earth sciences, physical sciences, and mathematics. We have excellent proprietary capabilities in teaching petroleum science and technology, and therefore do not require new geoscientists to have any prior petroleum course work or experience. There is, however, a requirement for demonstrated leadership, adaptability, teamwork, excellent communication skills in English, and a commitment to high safety and ethical standards. The company regards its global and long-term approach to hiring and career development as the foundation of its future success as a company, and as a source of great opportunity for scientists who want to grow their skills and capabilities for a long-term career.
    Geoscience careers with ExxonMobil also offer the opportunity to perform basic and applied research in seeking new ways to find and recover petroleum supplies. Our research programs reflect exploration and production business strategies; for example, pursuing attractive exploration opportunities, developing production from new fields, and maximizing economic recovery from existing fields. We maintain close relationships with ExxonMobil operating organizations around the world. A primary means for transferring technology to ExxonMobil operations is through research applications in which results of recent research are applied to a wide range of exploration and production problems. In many cases, these technical experts are made available to ExxonMobil operating organizations through temporary or regular assignments.

    ExxonMobil is dedicated to an ongoing recruiting program and our geoscience internship is one avenue we pursue to find qualified candidates. Each year, ExxonMobil hires bright and energetic students who are participating in an MS or Ph.D. program. Internships are available year round.

    Typical Work Location
    Initial assignments in exploration, production, development or research are typically in Houston, Texas. Longer-term assignments could be in Houston or one of our international offices located around the globe.

    Typical Starting Opportunities
    Geoscientists with ExxonMobil have the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills and expertise throughout their careers. Multiple assignments in operations and/or research ensure the needed breadth and depth of experience and expertise for success. Geoscientists have opportunities to develop broad backgrounds necessary to do exploration and production mapping and prospecting or to specialize in various technical aspects of the exploration and production process.

    Typical Assignments

    Exploration assignments are done at the prospect to play scales and focus on discovering and assessing new fields. Regional/frontier teams integrate data on play to basin scales to identify areas for future exploration or to better define an existing exploration trend. New opportunity teams typically work in areas where new concessions or discoveries have been made to test new prospects of confirm existing discoveries to determine whether or when production operations should commence.

    Production assignments are done at the reservoir to field scales and focus on defining, developing and depleting new or mature exiting fields. A strong emphasis in these assignments will be to build skills in integrating and interpreting geological and geophysical data, such as core/cuttings, fluids, outcrops, and seismic, using advanced mapping, interpretation, modeling and other techniques.

    Development assignments are in projects transitioning from exploration to production and the experiences and skills learned will be a combination of both.

    Fundamental and applied research opportunities also exist for PhD applicants in three general areas:

    Hydrocarbon systems research includes, geochemistry, basin evolution, structural dynamics, petrophysics and geomechanics

    Reservoir performance prediction research includes controls on flow in clastic and carbonate reservoirs, geologic modeling and visualization

    Geophysics research includes advanced processing, acquisition, interpretation and modeling of seismic and other geophysical data

    Research in all areas includes a significant component of field studies and takes advantage of state-of-the-art analytical and experimental laboratories and processing and numerical modeling capabilities.
    Country or Region          
    United Kingdom
    Employment Type          
    University Student Seeking Full-Time Employment

    Location: Not Specified
    Experience: 0 year(s)
    Course of Study: Geology
    Required Grade:  Not Specified

  • Experienced Geoscience Technician
    AutoReqId          16665BR
    Job or Campus Folder:   Experienced Geoscience Technician
    Job Description The successful candidate will provide geoscience technical support to Company Geoscientists. Other responsibilities include:
    •             Gathering and loading data in Petrel and Geoframe
    •             Performing data transfers from/to PC LAN environment
    •             Creating non-interpretative maps and plots for Geoscientists
    •             Identifying opportunities for optimizing data management using Company-approved software applications
    Requirements of Candidate        The successful candidate must have solid computing skills, with a focus on efficient geoscience data management (retrieval, formatting, transfer and QC). In addition, he/she must also have experience in organizing and moving data and interpretations between Petrel, Geoframe and other related geoscience interpretation applications. Ability to contour maps using grids and knowledge of ArcGIS will be an added advantage.

    The ideal Candidate must fit the following profile:
    •             Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of second class lower in Geoscience
    •             Minimum of five (5) years working experience post NYSC discharge or exemption

    Country or Region           Nigeria
    CB*Office Location:        Mobil House, Lagos
    Affiliate Name:                Esso Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited
    Employment Type:         Technicians

    Location: Not Specified
    Experience: 5 year(s)
    Course of Study: Geoscience
    Required Grade:  Not Specified