Jobs at Chemonics International lnc

Chemonics International lnc, a leading international development firm based in
Washington, D.C ( ) seeks qualified candidate for a five-year agricultural value-chain development project funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The positions will be based in Abuja.
Any successful candidates will possess the following:

Please, apply only if you have the required qualifications and work
experience by emailing a full CV detailing all relevant professional experience and achievements, a cover letter detailing qualifications in relation to the position, and three professional references not later than March 28, 2013 to . Please specify 'the position' in the subject line. Only qualified candidates will be contacted. Chemonics is an Equal Opportunity

Communications Director:

Responsibilities: To oversee the design and manage the production of all communications and public awareness activities and materials related to implementing the Project, and supervise the project communications team, including the Technical Writer. The Communication Director will lead the strategic development and
Implementation of all project communications activities in close collaboration with other project technical staff and support staff and work to create a "climate of communication" within the project. S/he and the communications staff will:
•             Update the communications strategy for the project as necessary;

•             Identify channels for communicating key messages to beneficiary communities,
project partners, the client, and other stakeholders and develop networks for getting
key messages to target audiences;

•             Ensure project compliance with USAID communications and branding

•             Ensure that the Project website is updated regularly;

•             Work with other project team members to develop communications activities that
support the implementation of their components;

•             Maintain primary contact with the media and communications production houses;

•             Manage the design and distribution of public education materials, including publications, press releases, special radio and TV infomercials, public service announcements and other types of programming.

•             Secure USA1D's approval for and organize press conferences and workshops for
media representatives in relation to media events in conjunction with planned

•             Prepare contractually obligated deliverables for USAJD, such as bi-monthly updates, quarterly reports. annual reports, work plans, etc.; and provide editorial
support to improve and organize content for technical and project deliverables and

•           Carry out training programs for staff and partners (both subcontractors and
grantees) as they pertain to advanced communications planning and
communication coverage at events, branding and marking, media outreach, etc.;

•Establish guidelines and processes for project reporting, media outreach (e.g.,
ground rules for contacts with the press, authorized spokespersons, key messages,
and most effective media channels), and final report planning;

•             Work with other staff members, including short-term consultants and
subcontractors, to ensure consistency in the communication of key messages related
to project's technical work;

•             Facilitate the active participation of local project partners in the development of project communications events and materials, providing mentoring and training to enhance their capacity in this area. Where necessary, conduct specific assessments of grantees' and subcontractors' communications needs and develop capacity building tools based on assessment findings;

•             Work closely with Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist to monitor the impact of
public awareness/communications activities;

•             Monitor project activities to identify impact and success stories and ensure they are captured, developed, and distributed to USAID and effectively used in project
communications products

•             Assure regular and timely information to stakeholders about project
approaches, achievements and challenges through a rich variety of channels,
including contractually mandated materials and in collaboration with public
mass media and the press; blogs and other e-channels: events such as fairs,
information days, conferences, contests ete.; face to face communications; and other materials.
•             Actively seek out and use current project, national and international data to
inform the content of communications materials;
•             Help identify and manage local and expatriate communications consultants, when
•             Help identify and manage contracts with local communication production houses.
•             Maintain a database of video and photographs consistent with USAID and
Chemonics corporate photography guidance.
•             Integrate communications activities into annual work plans
•             Perform any other task that is consistent with the Communications Directors' skills and experience and this Scope of Work.

Location: Not Specified
Experience: 5 year(s)
Course of Study: Not Specified
Required Grade:  Not Specified