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CHAI is currently active in Africa, the Caribbean, Asia and Eastern Europe. In support of national HIV/AIDS programs, CHAI provides technical assistance, mobilizes human and financial resources, and facilitates the sharing of best practices across projects. The ultimate objective in each of these countries is to
make high-quality HIV/AIDS care and treatment available to all who need it, and to develop replicable models for large-scale programs in other resource-poor settings. CHAI provides assistance to governments in areas such as training of health professionals, procuring and distributing medicines, upgrading laboratories, establishing effective patient information and monitoring & evaluation systems, and overall program management. CHAI has also negotiated agreements with leading pharmaceutical and diagnostic testing companies that have lowered the cost of AIDS diagnosis and treatment in the developing world by 50-80%, thereby enabling governments to ramp up ARV programs to their citizens more rapidly.
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Manager of Operations - Nigeria at CHAI
Position overview:
Based in Abuja, and reporting to the Country Director (CD), the Manager of Operations will work with the Country Director and CHAI staff to ensure the overall success of the Program.  The Manager will help coordinate and support the CHAI's team on the ground to achieve the Program's objectives, and forge stronger relations with the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare and other government agencies and partners.  The Manager will oversee the Program's Access work portfolio, including forecasting, procurement and supply chain management, and laboratory systems strengthening.  Reporting to the CD, the Operations Manager will oversee day-to-day financial management of the Program.
Support the direction and vision of the Country Director;
Plan specific programmatic initiatives in the country to support the national program, support the team in program implementation and track progress against milestones;
Lead the development of new programs within Nigeria including moving ideas from concept stage to implementation;
Maintain a trusted relationship and dialogue with the government based on a track record of delivering results that exceed expectations in speed and quality;
Provide high-quality technical assistance to the government as needed/requested, often under a short timeframe;
Manage processes and tools for planning, budgeting and financial reporting;
Manage process for internal and external donor reporting on a monthly and quarterly basis;
Build and leverage strong effective relationships with key partners and stakeholders;
Maintain appropriate bi-directional communication and information flow with HQ to ensure CHAI’s capabilities are being fully leveraged on-the-ground;
Support the CD in human resources management, including recruitment, and management of existing staff;
Manage all office operations including transportation, HR, administration, finance
Any other responsibilities as required by the Country Director
Skills required:
Comfortable in a peer relationship with political leaders such as Ministers of Health, as well as civil servants
Ability to navigate complex government processes with multiple influencers, and at negotiating and achieving consensus
Proficiency with working on highly complex problems without extensive structural or operational support from HQ
Great mentor, manager, role model and team player who demands 100% performance from self and entire team; willing to micro-manage as required
Seasoned operator who knows how to get things done - on time and on budget
Strong analytical skills
Ability to work within budgetary constraints typical in a small foundation;
Knowledge of HIV/AIDS desired (but not required)
Knowledge of local language and culture preferred
Excellent business-oriented oral and written communication skills
A minimum of 3-5 years experience in private or public sector enterprise, with increasing levels of responsibility and leadership
Experience conceiving, planning and executing programs or projects with documented results
Excellent business-oriented oral and written communication skills
Professional experience in Nigeria is strongly preferred
Knowledge of HIV/AIDS is desired but not required

Location: Abuja
Experience: 3 year(s)
Course of Study: Not Specified
Required Grade:  Not Specified