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The Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) Project in Nigeria is assisting the National Product Supply Chain Management Program (NPSCMP) of the Food and Drugs Services (FDS) within the Federal Ministry of Health
(FMOH) to seek the expertise of a logistics Advisor who will be engaged on a consultancy basis domiciled within the NPSCMP to provide technical assistance in the planning and strategic implementation of health programs' supply chain activities.
  • Logistics Advisor Consultant
    Job Description
    The consultant will support the NPSCMP to achieve the following:
    1.            Support the harmonization efforts of the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOHI to consolidate the different
    PSM Technical Working Group (TWG) activities under the AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (ATM) disease
    control programs and Family Health Department (FHD) within FMOH
    2.            Provide technical assistance in the development of national health commodity supply plans for the ATM
    disease programs in Nigeria
    3.            Provide technical support in collaboration with all program stakeholders and partners to carry out an
    annual national quantification and procurement plan of commodities for HIV, TB, and malaria control
    4.            Provide technical leadership and review of standard operating procedures developed by the different
    health programs on the performance of different supply chain functions
    5.            Collaborate with the different national health programs and stakeholders to update the national
    pharmaceutical profile periodically
    6.            serve as link between the FMOH, implementing partners and other stakeholders towards the
    implementation of a unified supply chain
    7.            Support and facilitate the smart integration of health supply chain functions across the different health
    programs for efficiency and effectiveness of national PSM
    8.            Facilitate the coordination of National Pharmaceuticals and other Health Commodities (NPHCM)
    Technical Working Group (TWG) meetings and participate in sub-committee PSM TWG meetings across
    the ATM disease control programs
    9.            Support the different national health programs in providing supply chain technical assistance to health
    facility persons to strengthen institutional capacity
    10.          Contribute towards identifying best practices and lessons learnt for documentation and sharing with
    national PSM stakeholders
    11.          Contribute to the preparation of reports on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis which will highlight of all
    PSM activities across the ATM disease control programs
    12.          Work closely with various partners and stakeholders towards managing relationships and maintaining
    routine communications
    13.          Develop the capacity of staff within the NPSCMP on supply management related issues
    14.          Participate in PSM meetings of the different health programs to provide insight on national supply chain direction that will guide stakeholder’s intervention.
    15.          Monitor national product pipeline of the different health program and provide appropriate support to
    correct stock imbalances
    16.          Review of policies pertaining to supply chain and propose changes to adapt them to new environment
    17.          Support the national health program in health commodities waste management
    18.          Perform any other activity as deemed appropriate by the National Coordinator NPSCMP

    Minimum Skills and Qualifications

    •             A Master's degree in Pharmacy, Public health, Logistics Management, Health Sciences or Business

    •             Five to Seven years of professional experience in health programs preferably in an international health
    care supply chain management environment

    •             Specific experience in HIV / AIDS, TB or malaria programs is strongly desired

    •             Work experience with an International Organization is required

    •             Ability to function as a team player and to be self-managing will be an advantage

    •             Extensive knowledge of the Nigerian public health sector

    •             Strong analytical and problem solving skills

    •             Ability to write technical reports and make oral presentations is required

    •             Knowledge of Microsoft office packages, including MS Word, MS Excel and PowerPoint is required

    •             Ability and willingness to travel on field assignments

    •             Applicants currently in public service need not apply

    1.            Develop a coordination plan that tracks and manages PSM outcomes and challenges of the different
    programs PSM TWG activities under the ATM and health programs

    2              Engage Focal PSM persons on activities and challenges facing the uninterrupted supply of commodities in
    their various health programs as gleamed from the coordination plan; formulate strategies to resolve these issues
    3.            Provide monthly updates on activities implemented off the NPSCMP's work plan. Provide quarterly review and revisions as applicable.

    4.            Provide a comprehensive and technical presentation of quarterly reports forwarded by the different
    health programs at the NPHCMTWG meetings for onward updates and submission to all stakeholders and
    office of the Minister of Health
    5.            Monitor and provide NPSCMP updates on supply chain activities carried out by the different health
    programs to stakeholders and partners

    Interested candidates must send their CV to

    Location: Not Specified
    Experience: 5 year(s)
    Course of Study:
    Required Grade:  Not Specified

  • M&E Consultant
    Job Description
    The consultant will support NPsCMPto achieve the following:
    1.            Participate in the overall M&E strategic planning activities, work plan development;. Monitoring and
    reviews of the NPSCMP
    2.            Coordinate the development of national supply chain indicators, in conjunction with national
    health programs, to monitor program performance and report on the indicators at national coordination meeting
    3.            Support the development and review of Data Collection Tools (DC1}/questionnaires in coordination
    with relevant departments for various studies/surveys/assessment
    4.            Support the national health programs in coordination of supply chain assessments to ensure it is in line with national PSM program direction
    5.            Support the development and maintenance of supply chain database for data collection, collation,
    review, analysis and presentation
    6.            Coordinate the preparation of reports: monthly and quarterly reports, semi-annual and annual program reports, and any other required program/indicator reports
    7.            Conduct periodic facility LMIS data quality assessments in collaboration with staff in the program
    8.            Track and analyze program monitoring indicator on data quality issues and implement agreed strategies designed to improve the situation
    9.            Design and supervise periodic Monitoring and Supportive visits (MSV) to Service Delivery Points (SDPs) and ensure timely development/circulation of the MSV report
    10.          Participate in capacity building activities on M&E for programs' M&E staff, staff of partner
    organizations and of the government of Nigeria
    11.          Provide technical feedback using data collected from project activities and/or those from other sources to track overall progress in achieving program goals and to improve program activities
    12.          Work collaboratively with staff in all data management processes in the office, including data collection, collation, cleaning, entry, analysis and report writing

    13.          Ensure that all relevant M&E documents are organized and updated

    12.          Coordinate and ensure implementation of NPSCMP Monitoring and Evaluation activities in the

    12.          Carry out other functions as may be assigned by the National Coordinator

    Minimum Skills and Qualifications
    •             Master's degree in Public Health, Science, Social Science, Management or any related discipline
    •             5 years relevant work experience in any of these disease programs; Reproductive Health, TB, Malaria, and HIV/AIDS preferred
    •             Experience in designing and implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems for public health service programs
    Work experience with an International Organization is required Experience with health commodity procurement and/or supply chain management is required
    Exceptional management, interpersonal and cross-cultural sensitivity to effectively relate to all levels of staff and members of the donor organizations
    I.             Advanced written and verbal communication skills
    J.             Strong analytical and conceptual skills to think and plan strategically with ability to translate this into practical and feasible operational program planning
    Ability to monitor, supervise and train staff to support health programs
    Proficiency in the use of MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, outlook) and
    leading data management analysis applications (SPSS, DHIS, Stata, Epi Info, etc.] is required Willingness to travel on field assignments
    Applicants currently in public service need not apply

     Provide executive summary of PSM across all programs, highlighting trends based on agreed Key
    Performance Indicators (Kpls) which includes stock out rates, reporting rates and months of stock
    Monitor implementation and finalize logistics aspect of the M&E plan and update data sheet Develop a guideline for conducting assessments, develop- protocol for assessment Provide technical feedback on the programs logistics performance to the ministerial MM
    Design, develop and manage a national database of key program Indicators
    Develop M&E capacity building plan for staff in the program.

    Interested candidates must send their CV to

    Location: Not Specified
    Experience: 5 year(s)
    Course of Study:
    Required Grade:  Not Specified