Graduate Trainees Jobs at Troyka Holdings

Troyka Holdings - Established in 1989, the group started out as a holding company for a group of IMC companies. Within the last 23 years, it has extended its business concerns to include Security Services, Logistics, Fleet management and Properties.

The Groups mission is to create the best value for its clients, people and community. Troyka is a wholly owned Nigeria holding (Parent) company with business interest in Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC), Security Services, Logistics, Fleet management and Properties.

About the TETP
The TETP is a 12 month highly competitive and intense training that includes internal and external interactions with learning situations. These learning interventions are designed to groom the Troyka Ad-mans, whilst instilling our core values. This year we are desirous to engage with ambitious candidates who exhibit the will to achieve, positive confidence & a creative attitude. At the end of the programme, successful trainees will join the talent pool across the Troyka group and be absorbed into units such as outdoor advertising, marketing communications, public relations, media and digital.

We’re looking for a few agents, post-NYSC graduates, to undertake missions as Executive Trainees at the biggest Integrated Marketing Communications group this side of the Atlantic.

Method of Application

HINT: Somewhere in this ad is your first assignment. Don’t worry, look carefully, this ad will not self-destruct.

WARNING: Appy with extreme prejudice. You must be ready and willing to do whatever it takes.

Your First Assignment:
Is there a missing letter in the above ad? If so, what is it?

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Location: Lagos
Experience: 1 year(s)
Course of Study: Not Specified
Required Grade: Not Specified