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General Practitioner
Bonny, Nigeria

Skill Group: Health Safety Environment & Security

Updated: 14-May-2014
Reference ID: 6981BR

 Job Purpose
To diagnose, treat and help prevent diseases and injuries that commonly occur in the general population and provide advice to Company staff and other eligible customers in the area of General/Family medicine in order to ensure the health of staff and other stakeholders.

Main Accountabilities
Provide prompt in-patient and out-patient care including diagnosis and treatment for various diseases and injuries in General Practice in order to secure the health of staff, dependants and other eligible customers.
Plan, implement or administer health programs and illness prevention activities to ensure that stakeholders adopt healthy lifestyle and prevent disease.
Develop policies/guidelines and management protocols for the promotion of best practice in primary healthcare in Company.
Support HSE activities in the department so as to embed a preventive culture among staff.
Perform minor surgeries and participate in operative Obstetric and Gynecologic and general surgery procedures when indicated in order to ensure quick return to health by all beneficiaries.
Coordinate regular health management audits in liaison with the quality management team so as to maintain standard of healthcare.
Ensure the proper monitoring and reporting of health performance indices for review and for learning.
Participate in prompt emergency medical response in order to render care and prevent disease and injury.

Key Performance Indicators
%Customer Satisfaction Rate
No of awareness programmes vs Plan
No of HSE Walkabout done vs plan
% compliance with legislative requirements
% of Post – op patients with surgical complications
No of audits carried out vs plan
No of Performance Monitoring and Reporting (PMR) generated on time
Response time to Medical Emergencies

Job Requirements
MBBS with a postgraduate fellowship in Family Medicine/ Specialist General Medical Practice (FWACP, FNCP, FRCGP or equivalent). Registration with Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) is mandatory but not a pre-requirement to apply.

Minimum 10 years since MBBS with 5 years in the field of Family Medicine or Specialist General Practice.

Primary Work Location

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Location: Rivers
Experience: 10 year(s)
Course of Study: Medicine
Required Grade: Not Specified