Jobs at SEPLAT

SEPLAT has become a leading indigenous oil and gas operator in Nigeria. The company has increased its production and reserves year-on-year and has grown revenues and net profit in each year since it commenced operations.
The company’s production has maintained a remarkable growth trajectory, rising from a gross operated oil production of 14,000 barrels per day at inception to its current daily crude oil production of around 60,000 barrels per day. The OMLs have a combined proven and probable reserve in excess of 500 million barrels of liquid hydrocarbon and gas reserves in excess of 1.6TCF. These provide a platform for significant potential growth.

Major Maintenance LeadLocation: Lagos
Experience: 15 year(s)
Course of Study: Mechanical Engineering
Required Grade:

Overall Purpose of the Job:

Provide technical guidance and champion successful delivery on major maintenance activities for Asset Maintenance Teams.  Ensure that all major maintenance activities are conducted in a safe and cost-effective manner, ensuring that all decisions and actions comply with the relevant legislation, policies and procedures. Responsible for the overall direction, strategic development, performance and maintenance of the organisation’s compliance with industry best practice and legislation.

Principal Accountabilities:
1.  Ensure that major maintenance activities are planned and executed in line with industry standard.
2.Consult regularly with major and routine maintenance supervisors to share best practices and lessons learned. Ensure after action reviews are completed on major jobs and learnings captured to improve business performance and develop human capital.
3.Identify, negotiate and manage contracts for maintenance and overhaul of major equipment and lead contract reviews to ensure business needs are met. Lead the management of the maintenance and overhaul contracts of major equipment in the Asset Teams with due regard for safety, reliability and availability to ensure technical integrity, production efficiency and compliance with statutory requirements.
4.Monitor the major equipment performance within the Assets and where adverse trends or technical issues are identified, ensure investigative, proactive and corrective action is undertaken
5.Deliver all major maintenance activities safely and economically within the required time frame
6.Monitor the performance of major maintenance contractors and direct investigative / corrective action where appropriate. Identify requirements for product and original equipment supplier assessment audits in conjunction with the best industry practices in compliance with Seplat HSE Management System.
7.Produce and regularly review major maintenance standards and guidelines for reference on execution of such activities in all Seplat operations.
8.Ensure appropriate archiving of major maintenance reports and critical data.
9.Establish appropriate quality assurance and quality control requirement for all major maintenance activities.

Job Knowledge and Qualifications:
A degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minimum 15 years of experience in general maintenance and at least 5 years broad experience in maintaining heavy machinery in an oil and gas industry.


Experienced in maintenance activities, Production management experience, Full understanding of statutory/compliance requirements, Client service skills, Contract management skills, Analytical and problem solving skills, Decision making skills, Negotiations skills, Planning etc.
Senior Production TechnologistLocation: Lagos
Experience: 6 year(s)
Course of Study:
Required Grade:

Overall Purpose of the Job:
The incumbent will provide very strong support to the identification of production improvement opportunities and production optimization studies in conjunction with the reservoir engineer, petrophysicist and production geologist in the asset development team. The incumbent will ensure the highest levels of competence of production technologists in the asset development team to include the, budget management, recruitment, retention, competency development and professional coaching and mentoring.

Principal Accountabilities:
•Work in an integrated study team (as a member or a study team lead) where you can learn from others and equally contribute with your own background and experience. Make PT input into field development plan. The required technical work will comprise but will not be limited to well performance modelling, sand prediction, sand control selection and upper completion design, perforating and smart well design for land and swamp operations.
•Ensure compliance with well, reservoir and facility  management, well integrity, voidage and flare control guidelines and taking appropriate actions in assigned field/s.
•Identification of short term oil opportunities for ranking in the business planning processes and the maturation of short term oil opportunities within the asset team.
•Ensure flow assurance for the life cycle the project. Incorporate mitigation strategies into production optimisation plans.
•Provide conceptual completion design for the most economic production throughout the life cycle of the well, i.e. performance modelling, tubing sizing, artificial lift design, drainage conduits, selection of completion accessories (e.g. SMART equipment, no of packers), material specification etc.
•Identify candidate wells, which have near-wellbore or wellbore damage for stimulations (e.g. acid or Waves stimulations) and design suitable treatment. Monitor the stimulations operations and evaluate the results.
◦Identify water or gas shut-off candidates wells and design treatments (mechanical and chemical treatments). Monitor operations and evaluate results.
◦Identify wells that require additional and/or re-perforations, due to high mechanical skin and design operations (e.g. gun selection, drawdown). Monitor operations and evaluate results.
•Generate an activity proposal for any of the above operations, which contains the economic justification, functional design and programme outline.
•Generate well/system model (incl. the artificial lift) to compare actual performance with predicted. Identify wells that are not optimized and initiate actions/well interventions to change the operating conditions. Identify wells that are not performing and review options to improve inflow performance.
•Generate a well/reservoir surveillance plan, in conjunction with other disciplines, obtain key data and incorporate it into asset surveillance plan.
•Identify candidates for BHPs, production logging & related cased hole logs and design the operation. Monitor operations and evaluate results.
•Generate an activity proposal for any surveillance operations, which contains the economic justification, functional design and outline programme
•Carries out other similar or related duties such as assisting in the preparation and presentation of Technical papers to Company management and Interest Holders, maintaining close working relationship with field staff to ensure that field related tasks are carried out in efficient manner and related problems are timely identified and action.

Job Knowledge and Qualifications:

As Production Technologists have a broad understanding of other E&P disciplines and skills in all key Production technologist specialties. A university degree in Engineering or equivalent with 6 - 10 years relevant experience, including a minimum of 5 years PT work experience in an operating company. Skills in the following:

    Well Modeling & Performance
    Production System Optimization
    Conformance Technology
    Well Integrity Management and Determining Well Operating Envelope
    Planning & Design of Well Intervention Activities
    HSE considerations in well management and completion operations
    Completion Design and supervision
    Oil well cementing and Drill-in Fluids
    Knowledge in Production Operation

Operations Readiness And Assurance LeadLocation: Lagos
Experience: 10 year(s)
Course of Study: Mechanical Engineering
Required Grade:

Overall Purpose of the Job:

Manage the process of preparing the custodian of an asset under construction such that at the point of handover, the custodian is fully ready to assume ownership of the asset. Ensure that the custodian of the asset accept responsibility for, and capable of performing safe and efficient operation of the asset in a safe and sustainable manner. Provides assurance to the various stake holders in a project that the asset is in a state of readiness to operate or will be by the time the project is handed over.

Principal Accountabilities:
1.  Provide Asset (Production/Maintenance) inputs to projects and ensure Operations readiness to accept and operate facilities upon commissioning.
2.Manage interface between projects and asset teams to make facility ready for commissioning and seamless handover.
3.Ensure design, construction, installation and commissioning of projects meet current technical integrity requirements through reviews and change management processes to ensure operability and maintainability of new projects.
4.Implement competence development plan for staff taking over new facilities through coordination and implementation of learning plans for new projects to build human capital development of Production / Maintenance staff.  Coach and mentor younger staff.
5.Ensure project deliverables are delivered timely and in conformance to Operations philosophy and requirements to improve the business.
6.Ensure resources, operations support and management systems are in place to take custody of new asset
7.Prepare and execute pre -start up audits of new facilities to ensure that new facilities being handed over are certified safe in line with Seplat HSE policy.
8.Operate new facilities and manage operations during initial phase of facility completion to ensure smooth takeover.
9.Co-ordinate participation of asset team members in the various studies relating to projects in their facilities to ensure adequate operations input to projects.
10.Ensure compliance with global processes and best industry practices in the delivery of projects.

Job Knowledge and Qualifications:

B. Eng./Sc degree in  Mechanical/Electrical/Instrumentation/Process Engineering  with a minimum of 10 years of experience in oil and gas industry. Must have a minimum of 5 years hands on experience as a Facility Manager in an oil and gas surface facilities operation.


Ability to read and interprete  Engineering drawings, Project Management, Ability to work under pressure, Presentation  skill, Good inter-personal relation, Effective communication skill, Technical writing skill, Knowledgeable on local and international standards/procedures, Analytical mind, Self -motivated and achievement oriented, Change management. Oil and gas production and facility management.
Senior Production GeologistLocation: Lagos
Experience: 15 year(s)
Course of Study: Geology
Required Grade:

Overall Purpose of the Job:

The Senior production geologist has the role of generating integrated predictive subsurface/geological models to address/resolve subsurface production challenges in addition to harnessing subsurface opportunities. He conducts and participates in Integrated Field Development studies to meet Reserves Replacement targets and the anticipated Oil & Gas growth in Seplat's green and brown fields utilizing appropriate technology and best practices to reduce time, costs and improve quality and standards. Interpretation of all available geological data to improve the understanding of the reservoirs/fields geology. Adequate exposure and competence in areas of geophysical/geological/reservoir studies, uncertainties management processes and hands-on ability of geological applications and software including Petrel is necessary.

Principal Accountabilities:
•Familiar with the fundamentals of all Petroleum Geology specialists’ area (especially Seismic, Production and Reservoir Geology) and hands-on ability of geological applications and software including Petrel. Competence in a wide range of field, reservoir and uncertainties management, field development and data management activities.
•Apply state of the art interpretation and evaluation technology in the delivery of integrated, predictive subsurface/geological models in line with the industry best practice. Working knowledge of seismic, production and reservoir geological processes.
•Responsible for production geological input into all agreed studies on time, quality and cost.
•Develops and participates in subsurface reservoir studies aimed at constructing and/or improving geological models.
•Drive the Quality Well Delivery Process' (QWDP) for proposed development/appraisal wells and update databases and maps/x-sections with the results of FRs and drilled wells. Coordinates and contributes to the preparation of well proposals, well resumes and End of Well Report of development and appraisal wells.
•Contribute to well delivery and reduction of drilling risks by providing accurate prognosis of geological information/boundaries, potential drilling hazards and advice during drilling. Delivering first class geological support to operations, drilling and workover well, etc.
•Ensures that new well and workover proposals have solid geological basis. Timely delivery of robust and technically excellent subsurface studies and development plans.
•Participate in technical meetings, make valuable contributions; write and publish asset approved technical paper/s. Coach and mentor other production geologist in the team.
•Participation in Peer Review, Geosciences Workshops and Assists in integrating geological study findings with other studies undertaken by the assigned team.
•Participation in Peer and integrated and value assurance reviews covering all aspect of Petroleum Engineering studies, Geosciences Workshops and Assists in integrating geological study findings with other studies undertaken by the assigned team.
•Must be a good team player able to constructively facilitate, integrate and manage diverse intra/inter disciplinary studies, data and issues.

Job Knowledge and Qualifications:

Minimum qualification of BSc. in Geology with at least 15 years (senior) or 20 years (principal) work experience in an active operating E&P company. Higher degrees will be added advantage.


Sound working knowledge of the geology of the Niger Delta and good understanding of core Petroleum Engineering disciplines such as Seismic Interpretation ,Petrophysics, reservoir Engineering and  Production Technology.

Excellent abilities to use modern modelling software and all available tools Highly skilled and competent in Well log and seismic correlation, Reservoir characterization, Geological mapping, Volumetric determination, Field development planning and optimization, Well planning for the upcoming Execution Phase, Static reservoir modeling  and 3D Seismic interpretation.

Have ability to QA/QC work from other geologists as well as mentor/coach  junior geologists.
Maintenance Engineering LeadLocation: Lagos
Experience: 15 year(s)
Course of Study: Mechanical Engineering
Required Grade:

Overall Purpose of the Job:

To develop, deploy and provide guidance on maintenance strategy, standards and procedures across Seplat organisation. Monitor, review and drive compliance with the standards, procedures in order to achieve organisational focus and sustain high availability of production and safety critical equipment in all producing facilities.

Principal Accountabilities:

1. Define and monitor compliance with maintenance strategy for production and safety critical equipment to ensure their continuous availability at minimal cost.

2. Produce and regularly review maintenance procedures for existing and new equipment in the facilities through application of a reliability centred maintenance (RCM) methodology

3. Provide input into maintenance reporting format to promote the acquisition and analysis of critical data required for evaluation of the maintenance system effectiveness.

4. Develop competency assessment matrix for all categories of maintenance personnel. Develop requirements for training and certification of maintenance staff.

5. Provide requirements and guidelines on application of integrity assurance and reliability technology to assist in improved production delivery.

6. Provide maintenance input and participate in new projects as may be required from concept development to commissioning.

7. Define and review periodically, quality control and quality assurance requirements for vendor executed activities.

8. Establish a coaching and mentoring scheme for a total development of maintenance personnel.

9.Develop and deploy maintenance standards, strategy and guidelines to govern the execution of maintenance activities in Seplat. Carry out periodic review for continued relevance and effectiveness.

Job Knowledge and Qualifications:

B. Eng./Sc degree in  Mechanical/Electrical/Instrumentation Engineering  with a minimum of 15 years of experience in oil and gas industry. Must have a minimum of 10 years hands on experience as a Maintenance Supervisor in an oil and gas operation.


Presentation  skill, Good inter-personal relation, Effective communication skill, Technical writing skill, Knowledgeable on local and international standards/procedures, Analytical mind, Self -motivated and achievement oriented.