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Profile:  Clinton Fund (CF) is a Washington, D.C.-based international development firm providing specialized short- and long-term technical assistance. Since its founding, CF has grown in size and technical scope
, now implementing and managing more than 70 projects worldwide. More than 30 are long-term, many in conflict-prone or fragile states that include Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan. Today, our range of funding expertise includes analytical and field projects in democracy and governance, economic growth, strategic planning, organizational capacity building, health and the justice sector. We  focuses on helping our local partners foster progress, manage change and improve the effectiveness of development assistance.

Horn of Africa Project Summary: The Horn of Africa Project, a five year project managed by the USAID/East Africa mission, will be a key component of USAID’s expanding portfolio in the dry lands of the Horn of Africa. This project is linked with several multi-layered, multi-institutional initiatives to build resilience and growth, and to break the accelerating cycle of droughts and humanitarian emergencies. The Project will develop linkages with projects and strategies supported by regional and government agencies and other donors to expand the base from which knowledge and lessons are gathered. Its objective is mutual learning and knowledge management among partners, which will lead to a supportive policy environment and more effective programming on drought resilience and growth.

Finance & Administration Manager - Horn of AfricaLocation: Abuja
Experience: 3 year(s)
Course of Study:
Required Grade:

Position Summary:  The Finance & Administration Manager must work under the leadership of the COP and will be responsible for all aspects of operations, including administration, finance, procurement and human resources.

•Manage all program operations including administration, logistics, procurement, budgeting, financial, property, and database oversight.
•Plan logistics of training and conference sessions throughout the year with other team members, in accordance with USG and USAID conference and event regulations.
•Supervise all financial operations including cash flow management, time sheet recording, financial reporting to USAID, daily monitoring of obligations, budgets, and expenditures.
•Review project program and financial reports before submitting them to the COP for approval. Serve as lead staff member overseeing internal human resource, recruitment, administration and personnel system.

•At least 3 years of experience in managing and implementing projects of a similar scope and complexity.
•Significant logistics experience, such as organizing workshops and training events.
•Demonstrated exemplary management, communication, and interpersonal skills to ensure internal coherence among diverse team members and productive relations with government officials, donors, and the international community.
•An advanced degree in management, finance, or a related field from an accredited university and excellent CPS.

Method of Application

•Only candidates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted.
•No phone calls, please.

•Competitive Monthly Salary(Based on Experience & Skill) Housing and Organization Car Group Medical & Life Insurance. Rest & Recuperation(R&R) after 7 weeks in field location.

Application Procedure
Send detailed cover letter and CV to
 to be received no later than 31st October 2014