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The African Development Bank is the Group's parent organization. The Agreement establishing the African Development Bank was adopted and opened for signature at the Khartoum, Sudan, conference on August 4, 1963.

This agreement entered into force on September 10, 1964. The Bank began

effective operations on July 1, 1966. Its major role is to contribute to the economic and social progress of its regional member countries - individually and collectively.

As of 31 December 2011, the African Development Bank's authorized capital is subscribed to by 78 member countries made up of 53 independent African countries (regional members) and 25 non-African countries (non-regional members).

The institution’s resources come from ordinary and special resources. Ordinary resources comprise:

    the subscribed shares of the authorized capital, a portion of which is subject to call in order to guarantee ADB borrowing obligations;
    funds received in repayment of ADB loans;
    funds raised through ADB borrowings on international capital markets;
    income derived from ADB loans; and other income received by the Bank, e.g. income from other investments.a
Investment Assistant
Location: Lagos
Experience: 6 year(s)
Course of Study: Economics
Required Grade:
Reference: ADB/14/063
    Closing date: 26/11/2014


The role of the Capital Markets and Financial Operations Division (FTRY.1) is to: (1) Raise resources in a cost effective manner from the capital markets; (2) Contribute to the Capital increases process and administer the subscriptions of shareholders to the capital of the African Development Bank; and (3) Contribute to the ADF replenishment negotiations and administer the subscriptions of donors to the African Development Fund and Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative. The division is also responsible for the preparation of the Bank's annual financial presentation, contributing to the rating review process, managing the download and publication of the UA exchange rates and the administrative hedge of the Bank's budget.
Duties and responsibilities

Under the supervision of the Division Manager, the incumbent will :

    Assist in the management of subscriptions to the Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative (MDRI):

    Prepare letter requesting /acknowledging receipt of Ioc, payments and encashment
    Monitor, process and record instrument of commitments (Iocs) received, payments and encashments
    Prepare and update payment schedules/encashment schedules
    Prepare accelerated encashment scenario
    Update reports on the status of subscriptions, payment and encashment
    File electronically   and in hard copies all MDRI related information
    Participate in the design of the subscription system.

    Assist in the management of subscriptions to the African Development Fond/African Development Bank:

    Record instrument of subscriptions received
    Prepare letter acknowledging receipt/requesting Instrument of subscriptions, payments and encashment
    Monitor, process and record payments and encashment received
    Prepare and update encashment calendar
    Prepare accelerated encashment scenario
    Update reports on the status of subscriptions, payment and encashment
    File electronically and in hard copies all ADF related information
    Prepare the "Statement of Voting Powers" Board document
    Assist in the launching of the Share transfer rules exercise
    Prepare audit report
    Operate and update subscription  system to ensure the completeness and integrity of  data
    Prepare Briefs on subscriptions
    Answer questions raised by auditors related to subscriptions
    Prepare scenarios for ADF replenishrnents /ADB capital increases
    Participate in the design of the subscription system
    Monitor shareholders' ratings and prepare the monthly callable capital report
    Contribute to the preparation of financial note for new members
    Maintain and update all the relevant data bases

    Assist in borrowing related activities:

    Prepare the daily and weekly market monitor using Bloomberg and market data
    Contribute to the preparation of the Asset-Liability Management Committee (ALCO) and Board reports.
    Follow up on and ensure that documentation is processed fully and timely for each trade, including trade tickets and pricing supplements.
    Monitor calls on borrowing, and ensure timely management of calls.
    File electronically (network and DARMS) ad in hard copy all borrowing related records.
    Update the borrowing data base and prepare league tables.
    Maintain data base of investors.
    Ensure that the Bank rules and procedures are strictly followed (ALM guidelines, financial regulation) and that a procedure manual is maintained.
    Update and maintain the consent data base.
    Assist in clients documentation queries.

    Ensure that all documents are properly filed both in the network, physical files and DARMS. Ensure that the network, DARMS and files are updated and well organized.
    Prepare PowerPoint presentations including for the Financial Presentation and Investor presentation Prepare periodic reports and data as required by the Division Manager and/or Director Treasury and perform any  other  activities  assigned  from time  to time  as related  to this  function  including  the  downloading  and publishing of the Bank's exchange rates and the preparation of PowerPoint presentations.

Selection Criteria

Including desirable skills, knowledge and experience

(including requisite skills, knowledge and experience)

    At least a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification in Business administration, Finance, Economics or other related fields.

    Preferably a minimum of six (6) years of relevant professional practice.
    Knowledge of basic finance (Bonds, Swaps, Time value of money).
    Excellent oral and written communication skills in English or French, with practical knowledge of the other language.
    Excellent skills in providing services to clients and capacity to work as part of a team.

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