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We are a recruitment & HR consultancy company, providing a wide range of recruitment and selection services to local and international companies in Africa. Our Team of dedicated consultants offers businesses to get the right and best talent across wide range of sectors and professions.

Africa is experiencing an economic boom in all sectors. It is a dynamic as well as complex & diverse market. Our Specialized approach is backed by deep understanding of all aspects of business and industry in this challenging and growing market whilst retaining our global standards in talent acquisition and HR services.
 Human Resources Officer I (Ref: 441)
Experience: 3 year(s)
Course of Study: Business Management
Required Grade:
Job Purpose
The provision of sound HR advice, support and guidance to units/sites* across the scope of:
        Workplace Improvement initiatives
        Industrial relations
        Employment equity and transformation
        Training and Development
        Recruitment and staffing
        Employee administration (incl. benefit administration and management reporting)
* Site/s size must be minimum 150 employees, with no HR Manager on site OR big site (350+) where there is an HR Manager on site but the HRM is responsible for multiple sites
Responsibilities by Function
Customer Relationships (Internal)
        Effective relationships in place
        Line management acceptance of advice and guidance provided
        Active participation in business / unit forums as HR advisor
        Service Level Agreement agreed and signed off
        Familiarisation with unit teams
        In-depth understanding of HR objectives
        Customisation of programmes
        Facilitation of relationships with businesses / units
        Participation in multiple unit forums
        Management of customer expectations against functional requirements and roles
        Time management and prioritization of activities
        How to approach line manager
Workplace Improvement Programmes
        Assist in formulation of project plans in line with business / unit objectives
        Project plans implemented and managed according to agreed requirements
        Ongoing coaching, advice and support provided to line management
        Development of unit specific plans in conjunction with team (HR & Unit)
        Active participation in implementation activities
        Sourcing and provision of specialist advice and guidance to line management
        Coordination of implementation reviews and assessments
        Development of improvement / corrective measures in conjunction with team (HR & Unit)
        Recommendation of implementation tactics i.r.o agreed activities
        Timing of interventions
        Provision of appropriate assistance
Transformation Programmes
        Unit / site specific Workplace Skills Plans developed
        Unit / site specific Employment Equity Plans developed
        Equity / skills forums established and operational
        Internal and external reporting requirements adhered to (EE and skills development)
        Ongoing HR coaching and support provided to all transformation programmes
        Understanding of business / unit requirements
        Understanding of group requirements, policies and procedures
        Development and presentation of unit training plan
        Implementation and coordination of unit training plan
        Convening of unit EE forums
        Facilitation of employment equity processes
        Development and presentation of unit EE plan
        Completion of reports as required
        Methodology to implement agreed activities in line with unit / site requirements
        Recommendation of supporting interventions
        Coordination and facilitation of interventions
Unit Re-Organisation / Restructuring Processes
        Input provided into development of rationale and business cases
        Policies and procedures interpreted and line management informed
        Implementation of restructuring plans agreed with line management
        Restructuring processes facilitated in accordance with project plans, business imperatives and legislative requirements
        Understanding of legislative and company requirements
        Input provided into development and monitoring of plans
        Assist in facilitation of consultation processes
        Sourcing of specialist advice and guidance to line management
        Facilitation of all related activities (e.g. record keeping, calculations, recruitment processes, employee counselling)
        Analysis of rationale and consequences of implementation
Industrial Relations
        Facilitation of sound industrial relations environment across multiple units/sites
        Legislative compliance assured
        Advice and guidance provided to line management
        Timeous facilitation of industrial relations issues
        Assist in coordination of collective bargaining activities across multiple bodies, inclusive of :
-        substantive negotiations (wage and collective agreements)
-        retrenchment consultations
        Coordination and management of industrial relations activities inclusive of :
-        disciplinary and incapacity processes
-        grievances
        Coordination and management of external dispute resolution processes (CCMA) inclusive of the preparation and presentation of Company cases through conciliation
        In-depth understanding of legislative requirements
        Monitoring of compliance to legislative requirements
        Familiarisation with case law and internal precedent and standards
        Active participation in facilitation of collective bargaining arrangements
        Provision of input related to contingency planning
        Provision of HR advice into industrial relations issues, inclusive of alternatives, precedents, consequences etc.
        Preparation of documents and assisting with charge formulation
        Minute taking, filing, initiating follow ups
        Preparation and presentation of cases (conciliation) at external dispute resolution bodies (CCMA)
        Communication and implementation of rulings as directed
        Assessment of impact on legal compliance and advising accordingly
        Correct formulation of charges, approach i.r.o. grievance, counselling
        Recommendations on appropriate course of action to minimise legal comebacks for business
        Optimum line manning per unit
        Timeous filling of vacant positions
        Staffing in line with transformation targets
        Identifying issues that may potentially increase turnover, employee dissatisfaction
        Facilitation of recruitment procedure, incl:
-        Preparation of advertisements
-        Screening and interviewing of candidate
        Obtaining salary mandates
        Facilitation of all related recruitment processes (e.g. record keeping, induction, documentation)
        3 month post induction review interviews to identify issues
        Recommendations to line on candidates for interview
        Input into candidate selection with line manager
        Recommendations to HR Manager and line management on issues and appropriate measures
Employee Administration
        Internal management reporting requirements adhered to
        Advice and assistance provided to employees and line in terms of policies and procedures
        Advice and assistance provided to employees in terms of benefits administration (med aid, allowances, loans, etc.)
        Ongoing handling of remuneration related queries and disputes
        Understanding of employee benefit and remuneration structures
        Accurate recordkeeping in line with legislative requirements
        Provision of HR assistance to employees and line  i.r.o wage and benefit administration
        Analysis of HR advice and business practices against legal requirements
Qualification and Experience:
Minimum qualifications required by the position:
        Appropriate diploma (inclusive of HR and labour law)
        Minimum of 3 - 4 years HR experience (preferably within a manufacturing environment)
        Knowledge and proven track record in implementation of workplace improvement initiatives (e.g. employee relation, employment equity, shop floor development programs
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