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Certification Edge offers professional certification programs in fields of Project management, Sales and Marketing, Customer service, Information technology and Human Resources.
The Professional Certifications include but not limited to the following: CSE, CAPM, CME, PMP, HRBP and HRMP
Head of Human Resources & Administration
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Experience: 0 year(s)
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Required Grade: Not Specified

The multinational is a Service delivery-focused, results-oriented social business, which uses modern management techniques to provide family planning, reproductive and sexual healthcare and allied service. The multinational is a member of a Global Partnership, which operates in over 42 countries worldwide. The multinational s goal is to improve quality of life in Nigeria by dramatically improving access to and use of family planning and other reproductive health services. The multinational believes that women and men have the right to choose when to have they have children.

The Head of Human Resources and Administration is responsible for managing the overall provision of Human Resources policies and services across a MULTINATIONAL. The Head of Human Resources and Administration is expected to bring a modern, business like approach to the leadership of the HR function. S/he will lead the development and implementation of a new People and Development strategy that will support the attainment of the multinational organizational goals and objectives. To achieve this, the multinational requires an innovative, result oriented individual who has a vision, and wants the challenge of developing and managing organizational change.