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Systems engineer / Project manager for Nigeria
Experience: 5 year(s)
Course of Study:
Required Grade:

Job description

MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS Nigeria is offering an opportunity to join the company

Job description:

    Preparation of technical proposals and responding to tenders
    Design CCTV, command and control and low voltage systems integrated with advanced wireless communications networks.
    Overall management of the project from order to delivery to the customer.
    Regular contact with the technical and marketing product lines, equipment suppliers, subcontractors and customers.
    Knowledge of technologies, systems and equipment Motorola
    Knowledge of complementary technologies, especially for low voltage (CCTV, command and control, access control, building control and intrusion detection)

Desired Skills and Experience

·      Electronics Engineer (BSC).

·      Relevant experience, of at least 5 years, of low voltage systems integrated with communications and 3 years as a systems engineer

·      Experience in IT and integration projects.

·     Nigeria citizenship -  a must have

·      Marketing approach

·      Systemic understanding/View

·      Quick learning ability

·      Ability of presenting subject in a clear and effective way.

·      Ability to work under pressure and meeting goals while cooperating with various parties.