Administration Manager at Hubmart Stores Limited

Hubmart Stores Limited jobs in NigeriaHubmart Stores Limited is a retail shopping chain of Nigerian heritage, offering multi-format stores in various locations and positioned to offer customers world-class shopping experience as well as a vast range of products. Our unique value proposition lies in our excellent customer service as well as our superior capabilities in the fresh categories.

Administration Manager

Job Purpose
  • To help design, install and manage a timely and cost effective preventive management system/process/policy, while ensuring quality and professional in line with international standard best practise.
  • Ensure timely and cost effective resolution of administrative issues.
  • Responsible for organising the safe and efficient receipt, storage and dispatch of warehoused goods.
  • Provides materials, equipment, and supplies by coordinating the receiving, warehousing, and distribution services; supervising staff.
  • Coordinating the maintenance of all warehouse facilities and equipment.
Coordinate with the HR Business Partner to perform the following functions
Recruitment & Selection:
  • Identify staff vacancies through collation of manpower requisitions-which may be based on developmental changes - transfer s & promotions: Source for candidates by advertising the vacancies - database, internal/external advert and Job Site Management; candidates shortlisting for interview: Interview & Selection in conjunction with the user departments; Documentation, Induction & Placement.
Training & Development:
  • Analyse training needs of employee through appraisals, questionnaires, superiors’ feedback and personnel records and in order to design employee development program in conjunction with the HOHR; Prepare in conjunction with the HO a Comprehensive Annual Training Program encompassing all the training topics as identified in the training lags and also the training participants indicating the mode of training whether internal or external; Evaluate training and recommend feeds to the HOHR; Suggests and draw further trainings as an addendum to/continuation to the training program.
Personnel Administration:
  • Orientate current and prospective employees with the basic organizational information such as policies, job duties, working conditions, wages, and opportunities for promotion and employee benefits; Punctuality and Attendance Records Monitoring; Personnel Records Management; Staff Discipline.
Welfare & Compensation:
  • Payroll Administration; Compensation & Insurance Administration; Pension Administration; Bonus & Incentives; Severance Package(s); Leaves and Holiday - Calendar preparation department wise; Checking eligibilities, sanctions; Report monthly statement of salary payments made for the branch.
 Industrial & Labour Relations:
  • Ensuring Industrial Harmony at the store; Conflict Resolution; Interactions with the regulatory bodies/officers such as Labour Ministry & Related Agencies.
Performance & Talent Management:
  • Ensure JDs administration for all; Ensure L3/L2/L1 objectives and PDP administration; Follow HO performance review calendar schedule and ensure execution of performance review on time; Identify potential talents and share with HO based on Talent Matrix Strategy; Discipline & timekeeping; Regular team meetings, regular communication & engagement of team supervisors & managers; Overall customer management, having a pleasing expression and welcoming customers;
  • Ensuring better levels of commitment to serve customers;
  • Ensure all members of the team are on Multitasks to enable overall growth and better management of the overall store; Accountability of the entire teams’ productivity/man hours deployed at the store; Design and implement succession plans for various positions to ensure continuity;
Records & Documentation:
  • Maintenance of a complete nominal roll of all staff; Maintenance of Employee personal files; Updating all correspondents, memos and letters into file; Maintain records of all company items and assets allocate to staff and issues of replacement; Keeping other personal records such as medical, for other reasons.
Coordinate with the Warehouse Manager to perform the following functions
Receiving & Documentation:
  • Receiving LPOs from the commercial department; Cross-checking LPOs received from commercial department to ensure there is no error/ambiguity; Responsible for receiving along with team members based strictly on adherence to the SOP on receiving; Receiving of goods from suppliers and confirming the correctness of the physical stock both in quantity and quality and both in comparison with both the LPO and Invoice; Receiving of stock from back-store/supplier and confirming the correctness of the quantity and the quality of same;
  • Ensure that products are stored in the right department, with the right labelling and under the right condition - temperatures & in a hygienic & safe manner Ensure accurate documentation of receipts; Responsible along with team members to ensure reduction in damage/wastage during receiving/transfer of goods; Filing returns and ensuring completion of documentation immediately (the same day as receipt).
Inventory Management:
  • Monitor in coordination with team stock inventory and ensure the availability of products at all time; Ensure that products are stored in the right department, with the right labelling and under the right condition - temperatures & in a hygienic & safe manner; Maintain ideal stock levels per product category & rotate stock(FIFO/FEFO);
  • Ensure availability of stock and placing of order immediately they fall below the minimum stock level; Receiving of stock from back-store/supplier and confirming the correctness of the quantity and the quality of same; Periodical planning & undertaking of stock take; Ensure consistent quality, beautiful and attractive presentation all the products;
  • Responsible for Receiving along with team members based strictly on adherence to the SOP on receiving; Ensure accurate documentation of receipts; Responsible along with other team members to ensure reduction in wastage; Filing returns and ensuring completion of documentation immediately (the same day as receipt); Accountable along with team members for shrinkage.
  • Display & Promos - Coordinate with the floor staff for product merchandise & display: In a neat & hygienic manner in line with the floor display plan;
  • Ensure stock rotation (FIFO/FEFO); Coordinate with floor to ensure pleasing & attractive display & regular replenishment; Coordinate with the floor to ensure correct quantity over promo items;
  • Coordinate with floor to ensure regular update and adjustment of price display especially at the beginning and ending of promos.
Coordinate with the Branch Security Head to perform the following functions
Safeguarding Customers, Staff, Building, Assets, Stock:
  • Assist to secure premises by partaking regularly in patrol/in store walks as per bit postings/roaster and monitoring surveillance equipment; inspecting buildings, equipment, and access points; permitting entry; Spot check of the back store, registers & entry point for vendor/suppliers and other points of exit/entry; Continuous check of staff and movement of goods/stock from back store to in store;
  • Accountable to help maintain store shrinkage along with the relevant departments; Assist to prevents losses and damage by reporting irregularities; informing violators of policy and procedures; restraining trespassers.
Compliance with company policies & procedures on Safety & security measures:
  • Ensuring all systems, process & checks are followed by staffs and suppliers; Fire safety norms & standards are strictly adhering to; Actively involved in store opening & closing process.
Controlling & minimizing shrinkage:
  • Checking stocks of the vital & costly items every day; Checking movement of stocks and humans in the store including shop lifters; Constant Observation on the stocks kept on the shelves;
  • Handling incidents & discrepancies; Actively involved in stock take process; Constant watch on collections at cash point; Observing movement of cash transfer to strong room.
Monitoring of Security staffs, Contract staffs:
  • Checking on the reporting time & attendance; Monitoring of their performance; Giving on the job training & tips; Cross checking their movements.
Parking Control:
  • Ensuring that parking decorum is maintained; Adherence to Car park management; Handle the issues relating to rift, fights, indiscipline, etc; Controls traffic by directing drivers;
  • Counter measures for bomb threat; Resolve vehicle damage, loss; theft, stealing; Clearing of traffic at store entrance & exit points.
Security Gadgets:
  • Assist in monitoring the performance of all security gadgets - camera, fire equips, safety equips, etc; Assist in capturing of all vital information through gadgets; Assist in reviewing the recordings; Assist in analysing information to resolve incidences.
Govt. Liaise:
  • Liaise with security/traffic officials, various police bodies including MOPOL & LASTMAS agencies; Getting their support and back up when needed; Resorting to their help through superiors for resolving stealing, confrontation, etc.
Administrative(Reports & documentation):
  • Preparing all reports through records of observations, information, occurrences, and surveillance activities; Assist in interviewing witnesses (where required); obtaining signatures; Assist in preparing locations incidence report and send reports daily, weekly, monthly as applicable; Immediately incident any issue or irregularity relating to staffs or customers e.g. pilferage; damages etc;
  • Maintains organization's stability and reputation by complying with legal requirements; Monitors internal control systems to ensure that appropriate information access levels and security clearances are maintained.
Coordinate with the HR Business Partner to perform the following functions
  • Design, implement and monitor various work process and checklist as regards processes in strategic admin in line with the company’s SOP; Ensure SOP on hygiene, health and safety standards are followed;
  • Prepare departmental budget plan for costs for the store along with inputs from Store manager & HODs and consultations with Head Office; Ensuring all systems, process & checks are followed.
Management of day-to-day office and Work Environment Consumables:
  • Maintain inventory and Stock control and availability of vital office, floor and production consumables; Distribution of stationeries, printing items and other office consumables to the respective user departments;
  • Distribution of various floor and production consumables to the respective user departments; Purchase in case of small petty items & emergency.
Procurement of Staffs Kits, Uniforms & Dress Materials:
  • Maintain inventory, stock and control of all staff dress items and kitting requirement; Communicate to Head office low stock levels of staff dress items and kitting requirement and request for replenishment while considering the Lag period and taking note of the minimum stock level;
  • Ensure that safety requirements are met.
Health, Safety & Environment:
  • Provision of safety items and environment in line with company’s HSE policy; Ensure in conjunction with the HR department compliance with the company’s HSE regulation; Providing, equipping and maintaining of First Aid Boxes in various departments at the Branch; Ensure Safe practices and standards are adhered to;
  • Ensure cleaning standards & hygiene are maintained and also shop & premises upkeep; Meeting Ministry stipulations and standards; Arranging fire drills; refilling, servicing & placement of fire extinguishers; Checking of all entry & exit points for easy evacuation.
Energy Management:
  • Maintain healthy/effective energy policy and facilitating all-time PHCN availability & liaison; Timely response to all main energy supply issues and repairs; Checking/screening and prompt settlement of all PHCN bills - checking & payment;
  • Design, implement and monitor various work process and checklist for the maintenance of the electricity generating sets; Stock management, ordering, testing, receiving & issuing of diesel; Diesel stock control.
Govt. Liaise:
  • Negotiating and arranging for permits/Licences/Certificates; Handling officers/task force visits from various ministries; Meeting the Ministry stipulations.
Transport/Fleet Management:
  • Maintenance of all vehicles in branch - vehicle servicing, repairs & records; All vehicles’ tracking, scheduling & usage monitoring; Handling all vehicle infringement; Organising Training of drivers;
  • Assessing/understanding and compliance with all transport policies both within the state and beyond; Mileage and fuel consumption monitoring; Checking & tracking of vehicle documents.
Facility Maintenance:
  • Building maintenance for civil, carpentry, plumbing, fabrication works; Miscellaneous repairs; Following up on maintenance team for systems, critical repairs, external support, etc; Liaise with contractors for major or critical repairs; Stock record for related maintenance items.
Asset Records Management:
  • Maintenance/update of company/branch asset records; Initiate/Intimate of any major change in asset status or replacement; Checks & numbering.
Other General Admin Functions:
  • Take responsibility for general cleanliness within your own working area, Ensure a healthy atmosphere and environment in the shop and behind the scenes; Prepare departmental budget plan for costs for the store along with inputs from Store manager & HODs and consultations with Head Office;
  • Responsible for regular checks (daily, weekly and quarterly), fire alarm tests, evacuation drill and fault reports for the store, refilling, servicing & placement of fire extinguishers, including regular Checking of all entry & exit points for easy evacuation;
  • Ensure the security and safety of people (customers, staff, visitors) cash, stock and the premises to minimise losses and incidents.
Experience and Qualification
  • Minimum qualification of First degree (HND, B.A., B.Sc., B.Eng. or its equivalent), while additional qualifications (MBA, MSC, MA, ML) and/or membership of professional bodies is an added advantage.
  • Minimum of 05 (Five) years of cognate experience.
Key competencies
  • Demonstrates excellent customer service and interpersonal skills.
  • Communicates clearly and effectively.
  • Is able to remain calm and patient when working in an upsetting or dissatisfying environment customers.
  • Pays close attention to detail.
  • Demonstrates solid organizational skills.
  • Possesses physical stamina required to stay on feet for an entire shift.
  • Manages time efficiently.
  • Demonstrates ability to multi-task effectively.
  • Meet sales goals by training, motivating, mentoring and providing feedback to sales staff.
  • Complete store administration and ensure compliance with policies and procedures.
  • Conduct personnel performance appraisals to assess training needs and build career paths.
  • Impressive, demonstrate track record and skills/experience gained within a similar position(s), at a similar level.
  • Tenacious and results driven with sound business judgement.
  • Passionate about achieving high levels of excellence.
  • Numerate with strong analytical and problem solving ability.
  • Excellent attention to detail, with the ability to work accurately in a busy and demanding environment.
  • Committed to learning and development.
  • Ability to manage several activities simultaneously; expert negotiating and influencing skills; Innovative with entrepreneurial flair.
  • Leadership and problem-solving skills, effective verbal communication skills, report-writing skills, excellent customer service skills and computer skills.
  • Ability to identify and interpret origin and nature work-related problems.
  • The Fresh Manager must possess a pleasant/pleasing personality and be able work varied hours and days, including weekends, holidays and nights as necessary.