Career Opportunities at Stanbic IBTC Bank

Stanbic IBTC jobs in NigeriaStanbic IBTC Bank is a leading African banking group focused on emerging markets globally. It has been a mainstay of South Africa's financial system for 150 years, and now spans 16 countries across the African continent.
Standard Bank is a firm believer in technical innovation, to help us guarantee exceptional client service and leading edge financial solutions.
Our growing global success reflects our commitment to the latest solutions, the best people, and a uniquely flexible and vibrant working culture. To help us drive our success into the future, we are looking for resourceful individuals to join our dedicated team at our offices

Client Services Officer - South West

Job ID: 22781
Locations: Oyo, Ogun, Ondo, Ekiti, Kwara, Osun
Job Sector: Banking

Job Details

  • Retail & Business Banking
Job Purpose
  • To render frontline service support
Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities
Control chequebooks:
  • Attend to telephonic queries regarding cheque books.
Control Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cards:
  • Receive and handle ATM cards according to laid-down policies and procedures.
  • Ensure the ATM cards are locked away overnight.
  • Dispatch and receive ATM cards to/from away branches.
  • File ATM cards in received-date order.
  • Handle retained ATM cards according to laid-down procedures.
  • Perform daily balancing of ATM cards in conjunction with the Asset Custodian
  • Attend to all telephonic enquiries regarding ATM cards.
  • Issue off-cycle statements at customer’s instance and take charges as appropriate
  • Keep records of all source instructions from customers
Reactive selling:
  • Identify cross-selling and migration opportunities and sell products/services reactively.
  • Participate in tactical sales/marketing activities as required.
SIPML Management:
  • Attend to all pension enquiries
  • Processing of client withdrawal application.
  • Processing of client change of account information and signature
  • Processing of NSITF transfer.
  • Processing of deceased person benefit withdrawal.
  • Print statement of account and registration certificate for the client
  • Cross sale.
  • Render daily report on applicable platform.
SIAML Management:
  • Attend to all Asset management enquiries
  • Processing of client subscription.
  • Processing of client redemption
  • Processing of client change of account information.
  • Processing of deceased person redemption
  • Print statement of account and registration certificate for the client
  • Dispatch all document to appropriate unit after execution
  • Cross sale
Preferred Qualification and Experience
  • A Bachelor's degree in any related field
  • 0 - 2 years banking experience, preferably interfacing with customers.
  • Strong relationship management background.
  • Experienced in upholding the highest levels of service.
  • Experience in completing credit applications successfully.
Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise:
  • Relevant business/financial qualification
  • Interpret financial statements; assess sources of income and basic customer affordability calculations (debt to income ratio, loan to value ratio, instalment to income ratio, etc).
  • Demonstrate high levels of computer literacy - able to capture/update customer database, successfully complete product/lending applications, ensure credit maintenance, etc.

Asset Custodian

Job ID: 22787
Locations: South West (Oyo, Ogun, Ondo, Ekiti, Kwara, Osun)
Job Sector: Banking 

Job Purpose
  • To ensure the availability of treasury cash, reserve and blank forms.
  • Ensure the availability of a fully functional cash service to tellers including the custody and balancing of vault cash,  processing of vault deposits, withdrawal and handling of related reports.
  • Control treasury cash, blank forms, safe custody items and duplicate keys.
  • Understand and manage the risks associated with the custody of these items as well as the changes in the custody of assets through effective system controls.
Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities
Asset Custodianship:
  • Custodian of treasury cash, reserve, blank forms and keys & cash
  • Ensure that the correct procedures for handling and movement of cash assets in the branch are adhered to.
  • Ensure that the correct security procedures are adhered to when cash is moved to agencies and delivered to/collected from Cash Management Unit.
  • Effective cash management to ensure vault approved limits are adhered to.
  • Receive notes and coins from tellers to be lodged into the vault.
  • Check physical cash received / evacuated in the presence of the Cash Management Unit (CMU) representatives.
  • Control Keys for container / trolley (Used for transporting cash from vault to tellers).
  • Assist with surprise checks of tellers.
Support Functions:
  • Attend to branch account payments.
  • Issue Bank Cheques as required. 
  • Counter sign issued Bank Cheques as required.
  • Reconcile all branch suspense accounts as listed below.
  • Attend to Cash Advance transactions.
  • Attend to all Records Administration issues in the branch
  • Attend to all issues on refunds on all closed customers accounts
ATM Custodians Support Functions:
  • Carry out first level support (basic) on User's workstations, scanners, or other peripherals
  • Resolve basic finacle issues such as applet, Invalid username/Password, or proxy exception errors, etc
  • Map users' workstations to the Combo printer and ensure quality printout
  • Assist RIS connect remotely to systems & resolve simple LAN issues
  • ATM support including: simple power related issues on UPS and inverter, ATM operation support (Availability, Cash management, resolution of simple issues like cash jam, paper jam, etc)
  • Supervise vendors, contractors, PM engineers to ensure a good and neat work is done in the branch
  • ATM Reports
  • Operating Cash Report
  • Listing of ATM Transactions
  • Cash
  • Vault Reserve
  • ATM
  • Overage Account
  • Shortage Account
  • SRAs
  • Certified Cheque
  • Stale Cheques
  • Bank Cheques
Other Functions:
  • Custom Duty Payments
  • Mails Administration
  • Administration of Stationery (vault out of stationary items)
  • Maintenance of Office Equipment
  • Call-over functions
  • Cash Advance Register - Petty cash
  • Bank Cheque Register.
  • Customs Duty Register (where applicable)
Preferred Qualification and Experience
  • Bachelors Degree from an accredited University
  • Minimum 2 years branch banking experience with exposure to tellering and safe custody.
  • Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise
  • Financial Analysis
  • ATM operating and maintenance experience
  • HSE certification

Head, Service Management Digital Channels

Job ID: 24281
Location: Lagos Island
Job Sector: Banking
Closing Date: Jun 16 2017
Region/State/Province/District: Lagos

Job Purpose
  • To implement processes and tools that track, resolve, oversee and optimise customer interactions with the bank; and foster customer loyalty by enabling effective and efficient customer interactions & usage of digital channels (e.g. ATM, POS, BNA, internet banking etc. by customers
Key Responsibilities
Customer Experience Across Digital Channels:
  • Reviews customer utilisation of existing products, digital channels and functionality in order to understand trends and identify the reasons why certain products and channels are favoured by customers and incorporate learning into new customer experience designs
  • Engages with frontline sales teams and teams that work with customer complaints, to get a real world understanding of what customers are asking for (customer needs) and to gain an understanding of complaints data; in order to incorporate findings into future process improvements for customer touch points
  • Reviews the uptake and patterns of customer use of existing loyalty programmes to identify opportunities to improve the uptake of the bank’s loyalty programmes by advising product and channel managers on how to incorporate the existing loyalty offerings into their processes and value propositions.
  • Increase in number of active users
  • Achieve and continuously improve NPS target
  • Tracking and analyzing trend of issues and incidents to ensure the root causes of issues are being dealt
Process Design and Efficiencies:
  • Works with process owners, process designers and process custodians in the bank to review processes and provide input on the customer requirements and look for opportunities to digitise, automate, integrate and simplify customer-impacting processes and make recommendations to product and channel teams.
  • Reviews the customer touch points in the processes (whether it be a digital experience, frontline or call centre experience) to understand how the customer will be impacted by process changes, in order to make recommendations on improvements required from a customer point of view
  • Reviews customer documentation and interfaces (for example digital interfaces if deployed in digital or phone scripts in a call centre) and make recommendations to product, process and design teams on improvements that could be made to enhance the customer’s experience
  • Achieve and continuously improve NPS target
  • Number of continuous improvement opportunities identified and implemented
  • No fraud incidents
  • Prevent and Manage Fraud effectively
  • Effective Event , Incidence and Problem Management across channels
Drive Digital Channels Adoption Strategy and Project Deliver:
  • Works with branch teams to ensure that the digital channel strategy is adopted accordingly as it pertains to digital migration and penetration
  • Scopes and documents business requirements for project that for Digital Banking channels and ensure that the business mandate is clearly documented, effective requirement gathering, analysis and successful implementation of projects.
  • Continuously tracks and monitors projects to ensure delivery as per agreed scope and timelines and report on projects.
  • Achieve designated channel penetration targets across respective branch zones
  • Achieve liability and income targets through channels sales and customer wallet share grow
People Management:
  • Responsible for the recruitment, development and retention of relevant skills in order to meet the business needs.
  • Ensures skill assessments and competency-based training takes place as and when required.
  • Takes personal responsibility for coaching and mentoring others.
  • Ensures the implementation of the leadership promise and employee engagement programme.
  • Staff engagement score
  • Approved talent and succession plans
  • Execution of talent and training plans for all staff
Internal & External Relationships:
  • Enabling functions (IT) - Resolution of Channel downtime issues, Technical Vendors Engagement, Technical Projects delivery
  • Operations (Account Maintenance) - Setup of intermediary channel accounts, Update of Account Status and customer information
  • Operations (Domestic Payment & Card Operations)
  • Personal and Business Banking (Branches) - ATM Channels support, delivery of service to walk-in customers(card activation, Funds transfer, Internet Banking Activation)
  • Vendors/Service providers - Track SLA on service delivery
  • Regulatory authority representatives - Receive regulatory directions for compliance implementation
Preferred Qualification and Experience
  • Degree Holder from a recognised University.
  • Certification in service management, project management, leadership programmes
  • 7- 10 years experience of customer service PBB (card, IB, Mobile Banking); CIB (merchant acquiring, ecommerce and POS); and payments.
  • General account on-boarding processes.
  • Processes for seamless service delivery
  • Experience in application of risk and compliance requirements related to customer onboarding
Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise
  • Banking Process and Procedures - Sound knowledge of the Bank's laid down policies and procedures as it relates to the processing of customer transactions.
  • Business Acumen - The ability to analyse business financial performance as well as competitor and external factors as it would apply to the people practice in the organisation.
  • Financial Acumen - Knowledge and understanding of costing, budgeting and finance concepts and the understanding and application of related processes and procedures.
  • Risk Management - Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of risk management methodologies, tools, governance structures and regulatory requirements for good management of risk.
  • Financial Planning - The ability to determine how a business will finance its strategic objectives
  • Strategic Planning and Reporting - Knowledge and understanding of the process and thinking required to formulate objectives and priorities, and implement plans consistent with the long-term interests of the organisation in a global environment.
Method of Application

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